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Its the end to the best thing that ever happened to us... Entonces come and help it close down! If you have any... http://t.co/bCTE0PcF
'Build it and they will come.....' So he did...build it I mean (the Loch Ness Monster)....and they did...come I... http://t.co/QPa0xQUc
Volunteer of the Week - PSF's own Prince Charming - Olivier. Disney modelled their cartoon heroes on our French... http://t.co/UNPETOvJ
'Dandi' on the play platform that they have helped create and build at our new park in El Bosque. http://t.co/sREhA4bm
Volunteers of the Week - Super Couple 'Dandi' (Dan & Heidi) SUPER excitable, SUPER energetic and SUPER awesome.... http://t.co/wSRZqhyk
I posted 53 photos on Facebook in the album "El Bosque" http://t.co/ythLKunC
Milk may be good for you but perhaps not in this quantity...... http://t.co/TNiH6L9T
The world famous Gangnam dance a la PSF style... http://t.co/naO9OvHe http://t.co/NX0Co5pU
what happens when u drink 2 litres of milk in 2 minutes? you see the milk again....eventually...LOL Poor James!
Another fine performance by the boys! http://t.co/BxxZasli http://t.co/4wHbc9qz
Sweet Transvestite video.....a horror show but not sure it´s a Rocky Horror show... http://t.co/zriwAsj5
guys....if we can raise $600 the guys will stay in the cage for another day.....show us the money!!!
Here it is...the first of the live dare videos...ENJOY!! http://t.co/TYJeb5aN http://t.co/M8cmd3eA
Girl in the cage...Fio enters for a birthday surprise from the boys. http://t.co/bH5sDL51
A spoonful of sugar? Not quite. A spoonful of cinnamon more like. Dry mouth there Liam? http://t.co/cllR3bPZ
First dare...Chewy eating an onion...made him cry just a little...and us too! http://t.co/3gZctTtZ
Happy and ready for The Cage - our 3 inmates Liam, James & Chewy http://t.co/rlXNNyhP
streaming LIVE footage from the cage....DARE THEM GUYS! http://t.co/u9gAFdC6 http://t.co/JHLGghzb
Tonight's the night...The Cage is back! Our inmates enter the cage tonight at 6pm (Peruvian time) for 24 hours of... http://t.co/KqbhvrnA
First fight....who gets the sash? http://t.co/FS4nSG8r

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In 2007 an Earthquake devistated the region of Pisco in Peru. Our volunteer organisation works to help the people of Pisco rebuild their lives.

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