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Big Data has lots of answers but not ALL the answers as this article on Google Flu points out.
Time to change your mobile phone plan? According to RootMetrics, EE is the bet network in the UK.
Trello gets better and better! Today its a revamped interface to the card "back".
Tablet Computing grew 68 Percent in 2013, with Android Capturing 62 Percent of the Market
Android actually earns Microsoft more money than its Windows Phone business (It earns $1.6 billion p/a from Android)
Good to see that the BBC are taking the subject of encouraging UK "Silicon Valleys" seriously.
Interview with Mark Zuckerberg pre 2005. His vision was so limited at this time.
Francis Maude says he's playing "splat the rat" as government websites proliferate despite cull.
Important security lessons from one man's experience of having high value Twitter account hacked. Read and Learn!
In 2013 1.7 BILLION mobile phones shipped, of which 990 million were smartphones.
Will Samsung beat Google to a commercial launch of Glass? TechCrunch thinks it might.
Its difficult to understand how Microsoft could have missed BSkyB in their Trademark search for "SkyDrive".
Refreshing pricing policy from Tesla Motors. But is it the right policy?
I've seen some bad Logos in my time but these take the biscuit! Logos are SO important to your business.
Visionaries look crazy before their product comes to market but, as this video shows, afterwards...
Google are buying Nest, a company set up by Ex-Applers that make home thermostats etc.
Bristol's a happening place when it comes to tech startups. Coverage in The Observer
Open data is good for cities. Plenty of tips in this Centre for Cities report.
Have you ever thought that patent law is nuts? This patent proves it. A patent for how you film a yoga class?!

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