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RT @ChromeDevTools: Coming soon to a DevTools near you: lots of goodies. Check out @paul_irish's I/O talk for the full story https://t.co/B…
RT @maggieNYT: The Trump administration has tried this a few times, sir. We actually vet these things. https://t.co/CNdET1sRbY
RT @danbarker: This guy figured out how to shut down the biggest ransomware attack in history. This is his reward. https://t.co/PIjX0vYAe7
The IKEA effect in design, where a little effort from customers pays off https://t.co/jwMJRKFAa6 https://t.co/yJmbcQz7Np
RT @__NickRhodes__: OK, so we've got: Fuck the poor, Fuck the old, Fuck the sick, Fuck starving kids, Fuck foxes... ..anything else? Ooh, I…
RT @maybekatz: With #npm5 about to come out, I thought I'd update those benchmarks. Here's the npm5 code I'm working on, vs npm@4.6.1 on a…
RT @ChromiumDev: Twitter Lite sees 75% increase in tweets with new PWA and reduces Data usage. Read all about it 👉 https://t.co/ihi3N0cIAN
You can now share your screen on Slack, gets better by the day! https://t.co/PonS5V7oo5 https://t.co/fDtvvLwIXk
RT @rauchg: As of Now, static websites and *asset files* are instant and free to upload, share, publish 🚀 https://t.co/KIYJrH8hb3 https://…
@optilude @andylockran Ionic makes (very nice) hybrid apps, not native. https://t.co/pVNZ1lBsxA is the Ng alternative for React Native
RT @MalwareTechBlog: My blog post is done! Now you can read the full story of yesterday's events here: https://t.co/BLFORfM2ud
RT @LettersOfNote: #tbt https://t.co/lArZ343ys4
RT @elonmusk: [Warning, this may cause motion sickness or seizures] This is a test run of our electric sled… https://t.co/vI3hLirzg9
RT @levelsio: 💖 Don't be afraid to take design cues from other sites @nomadlist took: Filters 👉 @airbnb Grid view 👉 @instagram City modal…
RT @CharlesMBlow: This is how you do it! American media, take note… https://t.co/TjRYyqcWhn
RT @bboreham: Where is your god now? https://t.co/4qMw9tAhNd
RT @GenePark: Sorry this has been occupying my brain all day. Here's Pikachus to the tune of the Imperial March. https://t.co/tpbi63Wd1U
RT @igrigorik: Chrome headless is shipping in M59 and it's full of awesome: https://t.co/MGFmZrNYdV - great hands-on tour by @ebidel. https…
RT @voxdotcom: 5 winners and 3 losers from the $1.1 trillion deal to avoid a government shutdown https://t.co/1RhB4gmpup
A step-by-step guide to building a simple chess AI https://t.co/4sm7gYrP8E https://t.co/z6iwzTAHPY

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