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Hate on the Note 7s all your want, but Samsung saved a life during #Kirkuk #ISIS attack yesterday.
#Kirkuk students who were trapped in their dorm are being moved to a safer location now.
Reached our friends in #Kirkuk this AM. The #ISIS attack has ended. All militants believed dead.
@PragyaTripathi1 @jonforeman Thank you!
@carlmedearis Thanks, Carl!
RT @carlmedearis: 5 things you need to know about #Mosul, right here. And, a way that you can REALLY HELP. @preemptivelove…
RT @vickiereddy: Last month I was in #Kirkuk, Iraq where today Isis has carried out a series of attacks. Please share & pray.…
Here's the latest update from #Kirkuk:
Not everything being said about #Mosul is true. We think you deserve to know the full story. #MosulOps #MosulAid
RT @welcomerefugee: #Kirkuk – where, only weeks ago, we laughed & played with our beautiful friends…
Friend in #Kirkuk says #ISIS fighter STILL hiding outside girls university dorm. No one has come to help, despite several reports. Pls share
RT @belindajbauman: @preemptivelove @lynnehybels At breakfast with @JCourt right now-tears twice already- once for pain and once for hope.
RT @lynnehybels: W @preemptivelove I visited this house in Kirkuk & met these girls who are just like our daughters. It is a day to fast &…
RT @yousifazad: Kirkuk isn't Mosul or Tikrit to fall. It's protected by its people, Peshmerga, & police. The situation is almost under cont…
#Kirkuk update: Despite reports situation is ‘contained’ fighting w/ #ISIS is ongoing across the city:
RT @Nidalgazaui: IS Militants in several Neighbourhoods in #Kirkuk. #Iraq
Christian leader in #Kirkuk asked us to pray for house full of college girls saying "they see men in black w/ guns" thru dorm windows. #ISIS
Here’s our latest on the current #ISIS chaos attack in #Kirkuk: #No2ISIS #Iraq
The view from our friend and partner’s house in #Kirkuk right now. “We can see #ISIS cars, fighters roaming the str…
BREAKING: #ISIS Sleeper Cells Launch Attack on #Kirkuk #KirkukAttack

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