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I survived this yesterday, took a photo and then quit my job. https://t.co/fZ1kjuLPj8
Penguins vs a rope https://t.co/bOX17PjloO
Where did the ball go? https://t.co/CqZdxzL7SU
My life currently. https://t.co/Tmb1MZ3tCU
Me sneaking a Pop Tart in the late 80's https://t.co/UYuQwc3ceH
Gif not Jif https://t.co/umH51ea7dp
A tree that I cut down really wanted to be a telephone pole https://t.co/DkFTtA4uoE
You all suck equally https://t.co/lfz3jEs1j1
When the beat drops https://t.co/0jjdkE4mM4
A website made by Zurich University to tell you how attractive you are https://t.co/ij3t9GXvF3
Causes of death in the US https://t.co/xyBAM0JrGF
Yoda fighting off cat snakes. https://t.co/pzf4Td3c4q
This blue house stood out as I was walking by. https://t.co/GTBXAH9wNg
I guess I'm not rolling my window down... https://t.co/SQJd7FRPEX
TIL despite being a millionaire, Steve Jobs only paid $500 a month in child support to his daughter, Lisa. A g https://t.co/Vzm0QojktX
I am not able to attend my grandfather's funeral, so I remembered him in my own way, with his two favorite thi https://t.co/UbR6GZBMrJ
Every President's Executive Orders in One Chart https://t.co/pbEhxHln2u
Seems suspicious https://t.co/Aw72plVt5F
My 5 year olds painful twist on a knock knock joke https://t.co/N9JUbgGBhl
How work went today https://t.co/v3B0C31T8q

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