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Working on different logo designs. Here is one of the finalists as our skin on twitter. whadda ya think?
just set up the blog yesterday for www.popsonar.com/blog but it still needs a bit more work.
@twtooltrack we will let you know more when the time is right in the next few weeks. just follow and you will see the updates. thanks
@rizzn that video is hysterical. a true classic. i like the appearance by kevin rose in the video.
@loiclemeur that just means people are listening/watching and care enough to send video. cool. how do i get in seesmic?
@loiclemeur that just means people are listening/watching and giving feedback. ;)
amazed & happy twitter seemed to hold up well for #web20expo today. The #twitter pipes seem cleared.
pondering twitter japan launching with ads. how come no ads on twitter.com? guess they dont need the money.
We will be sharing more details in the coming weeks about Popsonar with our folowers. Let's just say we are compelled to build this service.
Getting PopSonar going. Lots of heavy lifting and building going on right now. This is going to be fun. We hope people like it.

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New Startup that is doing some very unique things. More about our alpha launch soon.

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