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RT @ReginaViolia: I want salt and vinegar chips soooo bad @popchips has the BEST and strongest salt and vinegar chips I've EVER had
@hannnahboorman sorry to hear this. mind emailing our @popchipsUK team at snackers@popchips.co.uk so they can help make this right?
@MariaMariaa_x doesn't sound right. mind emailing our team at snackers@popchips.com so we can help make this right?
@flippndixity glad your taste buds can enjoy a little heat 😏
RT @flippndixity: You have made me a fan @popchips. Those crazy hots are crazy addictive!
@Alicia__Nelson really odd🤔. mind emailing our team at snackers@popchips.com & include a picture so we can help make this right?
@Lorennaaa__ we think they're pretty fun
our new 5oz bags are now packing bigger bowls 😏#packabowl https://t.co/uHpMFucINp
@jilliannnrose 😂😂
RT @jilliannnrose: *wonders who took the last bag of popchips from the snack room at work* *remembers that it was me 2 hours ago*
@TravisHigher 🙌🏻🙌🏻
@sweetpea_bex hope you satisfied your snack tooth 😏
@TravisHigher ❤️you right back.
@mabel_jackie doesn't get any better than this. what flavor has you hooked? https://t.co/renoQ26qqd
RT @mabel_jackie: Popchips have changed my life 10/10 would recc @popchips
@GamingMarkz you can shop the flavor here! https://t.co/PgYbABofSP
@GamingMarkz love to hear you're a fan marks! unfortunately, our chili cheese is being phased out and can only be f… https://t.co/l7zRT5Rh42
@TauriJay @GreatAprilFilms popchips ridges. it's real.
@GreatAprilFilms means you don't have to share 😎#justsaying
@CampingNCapping now that's what we call a balanced diet! #popon

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I'm the official snack fanatic for popchips on twitter. I tweet while I eat.

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