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ooh, nice RT @vplus: @popcandy Somehow this slipped under the radar. Buckle up W! https://t.co/FwSx8UFt9H
@HeGeekSheGeek nope, just in town hangin with family...
It's a good day to dust off this old favorite: http://t.co/Xovefen8mf @TheDramarama #EarthDay
How have I never seen this '90s flick that stars Debbie Harry and Adam Ant?? http://t.co/K477iVNlx1
Duo @RayRemora do a great cover of Weezer's SAY IT AIN'T SO. Here's the video: http://t.co/zDo9mLRo0B http://t.co/R6Bwz1fvka
Glad the IT CROWD finale is on @hulu (though I saw a cruddy version on YouTube months ago) http://t.co/EvYdiQ4Fcc http://t.co/uPbj5CdNyb
tired = when you type a file extension as ".nph" instead of ".jpg" (must have hedwig on the brain ...)
Video: @josepharthur covers CONEY ISLAND BABY on his Lou Reed tribute (out 5/13): http://t.co/eDZ2dYhtbK http://t.co/yec4TzxOm1
BETTIE PAGE REVEALS ALL is now out on DVD/digital - today would've been her 91st bday! http://t.co/avfRevMvHi http://t.co/lHoaBeJwQh
I'm back w/some Early Buzz for ya - thanks again for your kind bday tweets! http://t.co/qucAbm3Oaf http://t.co/tZ8kcJDnzF
Hands down, the best thing about social media is it makes you feel great on your birthday. THANK YOU guys for all the sweet wishes!
thanks!! RT @alex_segura: #ff Blogs I read daily: @slicingeyeballs @DangerMindsBlog @largeheartedboy @BoingBoing @popcandy @openculture
This week in music: @recordstoreday releases, @atribecalledred, @ShilohsBand & more: http://t.co/foWnpwbPBa http://t.co/P3kmiMZfm4
I'm giving away @MadWorldBook - but you gotta enter today: http://t.co/t0Vz2AMCjC http://t.co/cXDCkr9G3M
Morning! Your Early Buzz includes Marlene Dietrich, Joss Whedon, Peeps & more: http://t.co/eNwQ1Oim90 http://t.co/lGq8bfHL73
Our pals at @IdiotsBooks gave a great #TEDx presentation on creative partnerships: http://t.co/7f97fIozoX http://t.co/rUCwRJ511O
You can now send e-cards w/scenes from LEBOWSKI, DAZED AND CONFUSED & other movies: http://t.co/o3Xt3P42w1 @dittogreetings
Oh, my - @kfc is bringing back the Double Down: http://t.co/yywY9XX6oT http://t.co/aOvQb7Npgc
Jenny Slate, the #Eisners & more pop up in today's Early Buzz: http://t.co/AXm7nG7sof
cool - thx for the heads-up! RT @hipsterwannabe: @popcandy Do you follow @danicamckellar? She does a weekly palindrome challenge.

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