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@bkenny13 ha, that is a blast back to 2001!
@davechensky you are too kind - and i could say the same about you. (how's the tobo film coming, btw? eager to see it!)
EXACTLY. RT @circlesky88: @popcandy Wow, you started Pop Candy when you were 10 years old? :)
@fridayjones wow - thank you for so many years of support, dave!
@Marcissist thank you, marc!
@comingsoonnet thank you!!
Holy moly, Pop Candy is 15 YEARS OLD. Share stories/pics/etc: http://t.co/tPKAwMRisN (art: @LucyKnisley) http://t.co/4ASPV4NOIB
Song premiere: Hear @driverminnie cover Elliott Smith's WALTZ #2: http://t.co/A5YRwBq1Vz http://t.co/eqbmh5dsHi
Giving away a @playskool prize pack that includes this Mr. Potato Head/Transformers mashup: http://t.co/lT0fhZC47l http://t.co/hXvOksS1wJ
Morning! Your Early Buzz includes BATMAN, Beck, Deer Tick & more links: http://t.co/mC19JOhxRz http://t.co/sbKtIvEG3h
This web series from @caseyjellison is perfect for those who love/hate the art world: http://t.co/suNDGK5kja http://t.co/b5Wb56FkYf
My 11 (yes, 11!) fave podcasts of the week include @soundopinions, @jakefogelnest & @romanmars: http://t.co/O6txeAG78T
... And also one band that reminded me of these guys from the '90s: http://t.co/0dcON1ZR8d
My music recs o' the week include lots of covers - Go-Go's, Springsteen, Daniel Johnston ... http://t.co/JmS0MlJpdn http://t.co/KlH46JDvyB
This @BrodyDalle record is just the gift that keeps on giving. Great performance. http://t.co/HwucyBMn1r
Hear a cover of Nirvana's DRAIN YOU from the band Dreamers: http://t.co/nBosZYlCc3
Greetings! Your Early Buzz includes Tatiana Maslany, SIMPSONS wine & more: http://t.co/uGpivyaXD0 http://t.co/enJtG21K2k
@matthewerh let's tell our grandkids about this!
@josephreuben815 I know, that would be a dream come true...
@josephreuben815 it's the best! I hope they'll do more episodes...

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