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Really missing my camera. I have tons of new items I have completed. I would love to list them,but lost my camera.Still hopes of finding it.
Wow, I guess I'm not the most tweeting twitter person! Been really busy. Never thought it would be so involved to make my own tiles.
working on some really cool stuff. Making my own tiles.
wondering were is the magic wand that I can just wave and POOF....I do some excellent sales. I put so much work and little benefits.......
been busy creating decorative tiles...something different to prevent another creative block
check out luvhandmade.com Here's me: http://www.luvhandmade.com/storecatalog.asp?userid=61
never realized how hard it is to replicate owl eyes. Whhhooooo knew? I know, lame. Hey, it's late....gimme a brake!
http://aardvarkcreations.artfire.com I just started it up a few hours ago...we'll see how it goes....
how many tweets would a tweety bird twit if a tweety bird could tweet twits???
well slap me on the rear and call me Sally...it's only 8:20 and I'm going to get a chance to do some claying.****runs away quickly*****
feeling really anxious for my next sale...it's been over a month. trying to brainstorm for fresh ideas...I've got nothing. ******sigh*****
ugh..I've been trying to find the motivation to create.It's tough hitting a creative block.Just been listing some stuff and puttering around
check out my blog, I'm working on developing it better, but it's a start http://aardvarkcreations.blogspot.com/
Resting after a busy weekend. Had craft show Saturday. I did pretty good. Now I have to get ready for the next one! Anyone need magnets?????
When I can't sleep at night, I visualize about my dream studio. It would be HUGE. With shelves and shelves of Clay, a wall of inspiration.
At home sick for Mother's Day. So...we're just watching some movies. I'm getting a lot of work done watching the movies, though. ah, well.
YAY! I got a treasury on ETSY! Here it is ; http://bit.ly/LWpNp
Getting nervous....Etsy treasury is getting low....crossing my fingers
OUCH! I just cut my finger with my clay scraper. Uh-Oh, that must mean I'm getting ready to bake some clay.
waiting for the etsy treasuries to open up. I made up my first one. I hope I get one, mine looks really nice ( If I must say so myself)!

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I sell my nature inspired, handcrafted polymer clay. @http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6748827 and http://www.artfire.com/users/aardvarkcreations

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