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It's been so long since I have posted here! I have gone another direction. If you're into pop culture tanks and... https://t.co/zWSFvqNk7N
I entered a giveaway for a chance to win "Electric Grill Griddle, Smartlife Smokele..." by Smart for Life. https://t.co/Fgwb6rLAhF #giveaway
@leilawiseman You took mine with you and stayed the night at your friends house. I didn't have any eyeliner for wor… https://t.co/9aBgKKXUca
@leilawiseman why? Should have waited til you got home.
@leilawiseman mind yo business! Don't make me blab to twitter your shadiness!
@leilawiseman drama queen! You can dish but not take it πŸ˜’πŸ˜›
@leilawiseman no she didn't!
@leilawiseman no she didn't
@_leilawisemam_ break necks! You look beautiful πŸ’œ
RT @WhatTheCraft: Make no bones about it, you'll want to enter for a chance to win a spooktacular ribcage corset from @TheOfficialVV! http:…
@_leilawisemam_ gauge references a measurement. You mean stretch. Know your piercings first ;)
@_leilawisemam_ 2.5 more days!!!
@_leilawisemam_ Well duh! Do you not know me?
@_leilawisemam_ Geez. You don't have to share anything. Tell her to stop being so cheap and buy things for her own kids!
@_leilawisemam_ Well stop being so lazy!!
@_leilawisemam_ Those bitches just can't get your name out their mouth! It must suck to not have a life and to keep worrying about you!
@_leilawisemam_ You better have left some for her!
@_leilawisemam_ So! Get over it ;)
@Rangers I would take @lola91612 #RangersRewards
@Rangers Because our household are the biggest fans out there #RangersRewards :)

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