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The bathroom is where 60% of the water used indoors gets consumed, watch this video for helpful tips to save water!
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Did you know the average shower head releases 4 gallons per minute? Use your shower time wisely!
You can save yourself (and your plumber) a lot of trouble by reading Today’s article!
Good to know! #funfact #bathroomhabits
We hope you never have to deal with #waterdamage, but in the case that you do, read these noteworthy tips!
If you’re looking to modernize your home with #DIY accents, build this light fixture out of #plumbingpipes!
Looking for ways to hide your outdoor hose? We’ve found the perfect summer #DIY project for you!
Make sure you #sanitize your possessions from time to time! #stayhealthy
Summer is here. Enjoy fun in the sun, but remember to stay hydrated! #purifiedwater
Who said your faucet had to be ordinary? Check out this list of wacky #faucets! #bathroomrenovation
We hope you’ll be inspired by these #kitchen #remodels. For all things plumbing, you know where to find us! #upgrade
Well, that’s one way of unclogging a #kitchen sink! #draincleaning
Your small bathroom should be cozy not cluttered. #bathroomstorage #tipsandtricks
5-star review from Hammer "Customer"
Wouldn’t it be nice to use one machine for showering AND washing clothes? With this invention you can!
Why coffee grounds are great for your disposal!

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