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How to Run a Proper Social Media Contest Your Fans Will Love: http://t.co/QXrl2GEddV via @hypebot
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How Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Can Revolutionize The Music Industry: https://t.co/pY9g9eF0Pt via @dawallach
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In fairness I haven't read this yet -- Why Are so Many Musicians so Bad at Crowdfunding?: http://t.co/YFwYqYo2uo via @noiseymusic
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Thank you! =) @CharlieSlang @hypebot @worldofblues @Scorchedband @RT_musictweets @PledgeMusic @sunshinemusic @RandallBeggs @lovinlyrics
RT @hifidelics: Cassette tapes find revival through record stores: http://t.co/LdI6Ctm1Gz via @dailysundial
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Swimming with sharks: A critical view of the future of the music industry: http://t.co/UKrHhZWkha via @iCratesMagazine

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