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@ysolda yes, good point - and the fact that browsers (usually) auto-open PDFs by default now doesn't help with that.
@ysolda Yeah, that's the Ravelry effect! I changed my shop to allow unlimited downloads for the same reason - it's what rav users expect.
@aeolidia Thank you! I'd never considered the SEO benefits of a page for each Q - makes sense (plus my FAQ page is getting way too long)....
Today's global internet outage includes @PayPal, so if you're trying to place an order, please wait until https://t.co/WNhIdaxQJC is back up
@CrochetedYarn eek, that's a bad one!
My laptop keeps wanting to correct the word 'amigurumi' to 'Miguelita'... Is that really the closest match?! #nothingincommon
@superlative You're very welcome! If you haven't seen it yet, the master list of all my amigurumi tutorials is at https://t.co/BJPKo6GeTu :)
RT @presentcorrect: Good morning. A little seasonal science to begin. Via @compoundchem https://t.co/b0DE0Pzzor
RT @carinacraftblog: Animal Sculptures Comprised of Densely Rolled Newspaper by Artist Chie Hitotsuyama (Coloss… https://t.co/VmKu8DnaQ5 ht…
@Wollinchen79 I agree, if you made all the eyelets keep zig-zagging back and forth that'd look cool too!
@Wollinchen79 Oops! The yarn colour looks lovely though 😊
RT @AndrewBloch: Whoever designed these LEGO bags deserves a pay rise https://t.co/zScuyRYubu
How should you feel when the gang who ruined your life get killed fleeing from the police..? https://t.co/z1qGeZchCI
@bugsandfishes Maybe time to give it another go? Crochet is just so quick compared with knitting.. (Although I'm enjoying knitting now too!)
@bugsandfishes I can't remember - do you crochet? It only took me 2 evenings to crochet my new scarf :) https://t.co/2K357OAPuf
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I'm on holiday from now until Tuesday (yay!) so if you need me for anything, you'll hear back from me then. 😊
@JoseHeroys That's wonderful - congratulations!
@SparklyShiny Thank you :) I was starting to wonder if I'd ever reach this point...
@warmshadow Thank you :)
I'm sitting alone in my garden without having a panic attack! First time in 27 months (since the home invasion); recovery is a slow process.

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