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@miradu Aw, shucks... Thanks for the kind words! :)
@gauravchak @qplum_team Sorry to hear that, Gaurav. Mind sending us a DM so we can get this sorted?
We're excited to debut our new partnership with @dwolla to help make tokenization a reality for ACH!…
@fazil Hi Fazil — sorry to hear that. Mind DMing us?
@makeen_sabree There sure is! You can use our institutions endpoint to retrieve an up-to-date list of our supported…
@tevyaw Hi Tevya 👋! Thanks for reaching out, we'll reach out shortly get this figured out :)
@DHDev Hi Dave 👋! Could you shoot us a quick DM? We'll help figure this one out!
PS - We're hiring!
We launched Plaid to the public two years ago today!
@ctmoore91 Hey Chris! Thanks for reaching out. We're focusing on the US right now, but you're on our mind 🌍!
@oscargodson Will follow-up shortly!
@oscargodson We know a few :) Let is know if you'd like to chat!
Oh hey, @plaid!
Happy International Tartan Day!
Oh, baby! Excited to welcome the youngest addition to the Plaid team soon! #babyshower
RT @bunburying: Awesome fintech women's mixer tonight @plaidhq!
@ricburton @travelbankhq Thx for the heads-up. We'll take a look. As a note, this is an old version of Link and it's updated in the new one.
@hover_lover Sorry! Should be able to send now.
@hover_lover Hi Chad - can you dm your email address?
@Stash Exciting day—congrats!! 🎈🙌

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