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Clipping in CSS and SVG – The <code>clip-path</code> Property and <code><clipPath></code> Element
Optimising for 60fps everywhere — performance and speed in JavaScript and CSS
Favicon Generator - Generate favicon pictures and HTML
Ultimate Image Optimization - Optimizilla
HTML5 Canvas: State + State Stack
Organize Your JavaScript Console Logging with a Custom debug() Function
Collection of Single Element CSS Spinners
Script-injected "async scripts" considered harmful -
GreenSock Home Page Animation - CodePen
Edge Animate: Animated HTML that syncs with video
How To Include Third Party Libraries in OAM Files
Icon System with SVG Sprites
@EdgeAnimate Thank you for the recognition!
RT @EdgeAnimate: #EdgeAnimate and Cocktails: a perfect combination this #FanFriday c/o @pjinteractive.…
User-friendly image saving from the canvas - greenethumb
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "INSTRUMENTS, DIAGRAMS, & PRINCIPLES"
Add social buttons to Edge Animate CC » Clasener
Social Kit - Free Photoshop plugin with social templates
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Cocktail Trends"
Today, I can get what I want. Tomorrow, I’ll get what I dream. Dream with @SN_Studio in 2014! #dreamon #wishes –

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