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Life is all about choices... make the good ones! https://t.co/yH6E2ZFITW
"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike" <3 Maya Angelou <3 https://t.co/FEoqK9t9Uf
Yes, we are dreamers... https://t.co/ALXaCDAliq
You are lucky if you have someone who no matter what stands by you... https://t.co/GwJC9tHUL7
Best neighbors ever #houstonstrong
Today, I saw the streets of Space City. They reminded me of Sarajevo in 1992... This is so hard for me... brings... https://t.co/ELbrPlGKvq
If I survive this flood, I will definitely write a book about it... Stay safe Texas!
Any Pisces around here? :) https://t.co/xge4ww4gI3
Keep creativity alive! Keep writing! https://t.co/OiiCYAhaeF
We all have that lighthouse that is above any darkness in life... This is my... https://t.co/sLAioDcRv9
Helen Keller, the incredible woman who refused to give up. https://t.co/iAKGrSqibr
Now, my blog https://t.co/dYrHzsgghh is open again for sharing some creativity with the world; so, authors,... https://t.co/ls66Xc8rfe
I'm so lucky to have a dog who loves to read... first thing in the morning and last thing before the bedtime. :) https://t.co/CdeDfFPbud
Co-author of "Just Point at Him" Greg Torti https://t.co/8ViOFaywax
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/dbF2dckFP3
5 Famous Rejection Letters Proving Failure Is Not Final | FeelingSuccess https://t.co/krzQvRGbgp
Frida Kahlo...amazing artist, amazing woman. https://t.co/7jlGYMlNpV
Don't give up on those you love, don't give up on your dream... https://t.co/EScBJaXWs5
Reality of life doesn't belong to the bottom shelf... read and learn! https://t.co/iJcSO2TMUH

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