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RT @robyabraham: 'Theevram' background score
RT @robyabraham: Theevram songs
You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.
RT @jasonrobb: Drop shadows, not bombs.
RT @iamFinch: So true. "ASAP always comes out As Shitty As Possible" -- @behoff
RT @IslamSpeaks: Don't pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a hard one.
RT @NoorSumaiya: Dear home minister..Wat made u compare price rise n ice cream. V eat ice cream to digest d hikes :p 1rupee matters da.. ...
@NoorSumaiya Get well soon :-P
RT @WeAreAditi: .@WeAreAditi won the AWARD for INNOVATION in LEARNING at the World #HRD Congress 2012 in Mumbai on 30 June 2012 http://t ...
RT @sunnyneogi: On cloud 9 with top 3 finish , 3 years in a row.
RT @Microsofttime: Microsoft Honors Aditi Technologies 3 Times in a Row as One of ... - MarketWatch (press release)
@waynecoyne Dark side of the Moon was way too awesome (Pink Floyd in New Age Drugs).. Pls do "The Wall" version too.. Love FL sound :-)
RT @WeAreAditi: Crunching terabytes of data in milliseconds.That's the power of #Cloud Computing.
Kick-ass campaign from Indigo Nation just like their bigger counterparts, shows you can make great commercials without the SRK's #changeism
Oh no !!.. now the future demands your website/app to render properly even on television sets. Can RWD help us designers for that ??
I’m gonna tear this place apart, Just to get close to you Tear down any wall, If that’s what I have to do to get next to you..
RT @IDoThat2: I Hate It When I Can't Fall Asleep Because I'm Thinking
RT @ComedyPosts: Did you ever wish you could die, but be alive at your funeral. Just to see who would be there, just to see who would cry...
What can I do to make you love me, What can I do to make you say this....

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