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This is just brilliant and such a good cause via @youtube @grahamcoxon @eddyTM
@Renouncedhc at #facebar Reading last night best #metalcore
Wow! 25 years since first #RATM :-O
#TShirtDay @BBC6Music placebo :-)
@FromtheJam1 hey glad you liked pic, ask Bruce if he fancies a cup of tea/pint next time he’s near Reading :-)
@FromtheJam1 brilliant gig tonight and I was nearly at the front 😊
@eddyTM ooo actually, all vinyl, may have to tune in ...
@eddyTM not listening to you, just got home from awesome Placebo at Rivermead 😬
Listening to @eddyTM in @sohoradio talking to @unkleofficial hurrah!
@rickygervais Where do all these bonkersheads come from? :-D
RT @SoVeryBritish: Comforting a crying person by holding your hand an inch above their shoulder
RT @rickygervais: You're right. I feared the Lord till I was 8. Then came knowledge.
Wish I'd stop waking up at stupid o'clock 😔
RT @davidfrum: Trump has brilliantly changed the subject from “Is he a Russian intelligence asset” to “Is he a dangerously violent lunatic?"
Just got back from the gym :-O 😇 think I need a lie down
Just watched awesome gig from @DespJournalist @PurpleTurtleRdg 😬
RT @thejabberwocky6: Reading bound for @DespJournalist @PurpleTurtleRdg if you know what's good for you, get down there. It's FREE. On at 9…
RT @the_prodigy: 20 years old today , that went quick ! #theprodigy #championsoflondon #purefire #thefatoftheland…
RT @getreading: Lord Buckethead just crashed Theresa May's appearance at #Henleyroyalregatta

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jewellery maker extraordinaire, general craft tart I love my bf, my kids, Pingu, my cats, steampunk, buttons, brass, copper, cake not necessarily in that order

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