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2010 it snowed constantly. The plow pile was over my head. Every day I had to drive to einstein hospital in one...
Today, being a holiday, lego world was mobbed. I can't wait to go back on a regular day. We all loved it. I...
Sitting at an arcade. The noise is excruciating. I def picked the short straw in this life. I love our guys...
Wake up, check on munsters. One is missing. Search the house. Asleep under the dining room table. In the dark....
I walk in the kitchen and a little person has a sugar bowl in one hand and his other hand is in his mouth. Gross. Use coupon code TENPERCENT for a discount on your order today!
HUGE cotton candy. Little Z would go to sugar shock heaven.
So tired today. Just want to sleep all day. That can happen, right? I'm dreaming of dreaming.
56 yrs old and Mumsey tells me every 15 minutes to go to bed. Lol. Omg.
I've been listening to the same line from a Taylor Swift song all morning. Off key and full of exuberance !
Half day of school, weather advisory. No sooner get home and had to turn around to go back. Where is my quiet place? I can't find it.
changing password on my phone. One of the little monsters placed an order to Amazon today for about $500. They...
George, check this article out.
Sometimes I wonder if my family realizes that I'm able to do things. Driving downtown today while my friend is...

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artisan jewelry, steampunk art,mixed media junkie, obsessive collector of industrial junk

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