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I'm @sempervarius-less. :(
RT @CCriadoPerez: I think this might be the most terrifying action yet.
@traceyrowe 11yo is having surfing lessons with school! So we have a regular Wednesday afternoon swim. So cool!
@traceyrowe Yeah, it was a tough decision. We were there for 17 years, kids were born there. Hard to uproot and start again. And expensive!
@traceyrowe I'm missing people in the UK, and the shopping is definitely better, but this is starting to feel like home again, which is fab.
@traceyrowe It's a beautiful corner of the world, isn't it? And I'd forgotten how friendly kiwis are.
@traceyrowe Which harbour? I'm from PNth orginally, but now in TGA. Loving the beach lifestyle and warm weather.
RT @TheEllenShow: We need to embrace people who are different from us. Show someone marginalized you accept them. Don’t just think it. Make…
@traceyrowe Sorry! It's still a bit of a novelty for me at the moment.
Today's #GoogleDoodle is so adorable!
Cake class update (Coz I know you're interested): cake beautifully covered with marzipan, and waiting for a layer o…
RT @HantsPolice: Pls share. We'd love to know who sent us this postcard so we could invite them along to Southampton Central Police Station…
RT @sparklypips: Ranting done properly:
RT @emilyvgordon: Research on decreasing racial slurs on Twitter. Long story short: white people gotta call out white people.…
Just read my last retweeted article out loud to @sempervarius, and couldn't stop laughing. You should definitely read it!
RT @TheSpinoffTV: ‘The miracle of horrific biology’: How the animal kingdom proves that pregnancy sucks for everyone @spinoffparents https:…
RT @bafeldman: re-reading some post-gawker verdict quotes from march 😙👌
RT @TheMarySue: #DonLemon breaks down #FakeNews, totally schooling #Trump in the process. #CNN…
When the #LegoApocalypse comes, will these guys be on my side?

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