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RT @singletea: @pinchzoom in #1 spot for best responsive sites in @netmag! pretty sweet technology - making complex "look" simple! http://…
RT @catleah: Go team! @pinchzoom in the #1 spot for best responsive sites @netmag! cc: @fling @joealterio @singletea
@hugorodgerbrown @Medium Thank you! We bumped it up, see if its better!
Holy shit. The new super-responsive @pinchzoom site is live! check it out on your device of choice:
@stephenhay cryptic!
RT @nickbilton: Tim Cook says "we sold more iPads than any PC manufacture sold of their entire PC line," last quater: 17 million iPads.
RT @fling: 17 million iPads sold last quarter!
RT @fling: Time Cook “The average customer now is using over 100 apps!"
RT @DalaiLama: If you conduct your life on the basis of truth and honesty, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence.
Content and form are lovers. Their love-child is design. @stephenhay #mobilism @mobilismconf
RT @bradcolbow: People don't want apps, they want the experience that an apps gives them.
RT @brad_frost: "We need to suck the interactive soul out of the smart toaster." @scottjenson #mobilismconf
RT @dontcallmedom: @scottjenson makes a brilliant analysis of the particular role of the web can play in a world of smart devices at #m ...
RT @ppk: The main point of @scottjenson 's presentation: if you use an app only once, it should be a website. #mobilism
Drink the mobile kool-aid, in Amsterdam- @mobilismconf in one week! 10% off tix @fling @jamespearce @stephenhay
RT @sashasklar: The old master of the mobile web... @fling #BDConf
RT @jorgemir: Listening to @fling discuss innovation, a recurring theme of the conference. Cool to be part of an industry of innovation. ...
@fling waxing design-poetic with a respectful nod to Dieter Rams, Rem Koolhas, Steve Jobs. "Less, but better." #bdconf #zen
"Instagram...fuck me, $1,000,000,000." @fling #bdconf

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