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Something new! Phweet Coffee Talk Cafe Create your own persistent Phweet and invite all your friends.
New: now any participant on a Phweet (not just the host) can send an "invite" to add people to a Phweet. Only the host can "kick" people
Phweet to ring your phone directly? Testing new global Phweet to Phone Service. Send a message to @mrblog if you'd like to beta test it.
How to set up Twitter to get the best out of Phweet -
when phweeting from your browser you need to set it up correctly. rightclick widget and disable popup blockers (FAQs)
set up Phweet dial-in on your iPhone - cool slideshow showing step by step intructions -
the 3rd channel/device you can use with Phweet - dial-in to any phone (US only unless you hv a SkypeIn number in the USA)
setting up a SIP phone number - Using Gizmo with Phweet -
a series of how-to's coming up at the phweet blog. here's the first - Using Phweet Dial-in on iPhone -
@nunodelisboa try the FAQ's here . @dina or @stuarthenshall will be in touch with you shortly - look out for them!
For those who missed this, #DNC08 - Phweet Voice backchannel set up here -
Retweeting @gwachob: ok, new URL for the #dnc08 voice backchannel
Retweet from @stuarthenshall: #dnc08 right now.. HRC speaking soon. @gwachob is organizing a voice back channel
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Phweet flying high with @andyabramson - featured in @gizmodo . The comments are quite entertaining!!!
Update: Phweet greasemonkey script is at Click this link to set up to Talk direct from your twitter page.
@edwardharran "loves phwteeting"
"Phweet has that wild-west VoIP feel that I can really get down with" @ntheory recommeds all VOIP geeks check it out!!
@jonhusband at the FastForward Blog:"Twitter Conjoined With Instant Calling (TM) = Phweet"
This one really made us smile - "Phweet-Phound-of-Phuccess": @DougH

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