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RT @phparch: Expert advice curated and delivered monthly. Start your monthly subscription for just $4.99 https://t.…
RT @phparch: Two days of talks for one low price — Get tickets to the 4th #phpworld conference during our Early Bird sale:…
RT @zendcon: New this year: Podcast lounge! Contact @CalEvans to book your time and podcast LIVE from #ZendCon2017 next week! #podcast h…
RT @zend: Using Zend Server and Jenkins #PHP #ContinuousIntegration #Jenkins
RT @CalEvans: READ THIS. (oh and buy his book!)
RT @mark_story: CakePHP is only 9 contributors away from 500!
RT @WCEurope: Interested in supporting #WCEU 2018? We're live with our call for sponsors and you can secure your spot today. 🎉…
RT @phpugms: Nur 51 PRs in dem @phptestfest Repo. Hilf mit mehr Tests zu erstellen. Am Sonntag beim TestFest in Münster…
RT @sherrierohde: Excited @magento is sponsoring this year! Make sure you attend. 🙌 #phpworld
RT @daycamp4devs: Deploying Containers with Rancher By: @dragonmantank
RT @symfony_fi: PHP 7.1 vs 7.2 Benchmarks (with Docker and Symfony Flex) #php #symfony #docker…
RT @zf2timo: Last preparation for my talk today @phpugms
RT @pmjones: I'm proud to announce that Atlas.Orm 2.0 (for PHP 7.1) is now stable and ready for production use!
RT @fabpot: Makefiles are gone now from #Symfony flex. symfony/console is a hard requirement now. 60% were in favor of that change (885 ans…
RT @emmajanehw: Dear WordPress: if I want to send my WP logs to syslog, and not just to the database, what kind of magic do I need?
RT @SaraMG: So much love to Magento (and Symfony) for pushing PHP adoption forward.
RT @mikewest: Dear Internet, How happy would you be if browser vendors required HTTPS when shipping new features? Not happy at all? Very h…
RT @jwage: Any services out there that will generate and host PHP API docs for you?
RT @grmpyprogrammer: Just added talk descriptions for @lornajane and @SaraMG at #grumpyconf
RT @locaweb: A @dianaarnos é incrível! Se você ainda não assistiu uma palestra dela, chegou a hora! Vamos lá?!

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