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RT @anglais: Watch out for the FR word “facture.” It’s not always an invoice or bill. It can mean look/presentation/style/craftsmanship, et…
RT @HadleyFreeman: YES, @sarahditum
@BeckyHendry I will look out for you
RT @HollywoodBowl: México our hearts are with you. #FuerzaMexico
On my way to #ITI London Regional Group EU revision workshop this morning, pen at the ready
When the end client's changes to your translation cause you to burst out laughing, that's not a good sign. #Headmeetdeskmoment
RT @charlesarthur: Is this like when people say “there aren’t problems, just opportunities”, and someone replies “some opportunities are in…
@HorshamCowork My turn to bring some in really!
@HorshamCowork Flat tyre has off-roaded my plans to come into the co-working office today. Save me a biscuit?!
RT @BeardedGenius: Not even hiring a Michael Jackson impersonator is going to distract from the shite he's coming out with…
RT @STB_Ltd: We're hiring! Are you a DE>EN linguist looking for an in-house position? Get in touch!…
RT @JohnJCrace: David Davis:'We're not going to introduce ID cards. We're going to introduce cards of identification'. Brilliant
RT @JimMFelton: To summarise the UK right now...
RT @faisalislam: This should terrify Conservatives:
RT @Robert___Harris: What a crazy situation: as the negotiations to leave the EU begin, opinion seems to have shifted in favour of remain h…
RT @adi_peltz: Just seen someone describe DUP manifesto as "basically just the bible, with fortnightly bin collections" Too real #ge2017
RT @rcolvile: Given all the Tories have (rightly) said about Corbyn's links to the IRA, the DUP's history is going to get a LOT of scrutiny
Adrenalin and politics geekery have been keeping me going so far today, but even that is starting to wane (reaches for more coffee).
RT @Robert___Harris: It is becoming ever clearer that this country was completely fucked by that stupid bloody referendum
RT @BritishGovWatch: Who will negotiate #Brexit: LAB: Sir Keir Starmer QC - Leading lawyer of generation. CON: David Davis - Thinks 'No D…

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Philippa Hammond MITI. Freelance Translator, Spanish, French and Portuguese into English

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