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Pheltup is pleased to announce that we've just acquired Magpie! We're nexus to leverage the synergy of our mutually beneficial entities.
Hey SF kids! Very special Pheltup Meetup at the Make-Out Room tonight. 9pm. We're celebrating!
We've just acquired the entire Aurora team! Immediate change: the z-axis will now stand for humor. Unfunny in the back, funny in front.
It's the magic hour! 50 invites available. First come first served!
Ha! Shellen admits that Plinky was a practical joke. Well played, sir.
@aa just showed us how to make a bong using just an apple and a piece of discarded panty hose!!
Sacre freakin' bleu. @aa is really pushing this ropes course. Look, I'll trust you when your code stops throwing exceptions, okay?
Today I'm glad I have this boat. It may only be 40' long, but it's cooler out here on the water than anywhere in the City.
Super excited about the new Blue Bottle kiosk in the foyer.
Introducing our new Director of Strategy: (drumroll, please!!) Stewart Butterfield!
Cannot express adequately how thrilled we are with all our recent recruits from Yahoo!
We're very excited to announce that our new CEO is Brian Credus. Read more about it here:
Pheltup meetup tomorrow at Toronado, 8pm. Meet the new CEO!
Another big batch of invite codes went out today! Get in there and enjoy!
@annaleen No prob! We hear you're one of the cool kids. Come inside the "gate"! I just emailed you an invite!
@annaleen We love Star Trek too! There's a vibrant Trek Community on Pheltup. One of my fave clubs:
BTW, we're still missing one iPhone 3G coupon. You won't be able to use it, so you might as well turn it in. Drop it off at the venue. Thx.
Awesome! SF Gate covered our incredibly successful launch party! Pheltup is big time!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the Pheltup Party. Thanks most of all to SF's Finest for being cool about it.
We don't want to be jerks, but if you got one of the iPhone G3 coupons in your swagbag, could you bring it to the DJ booth? #pheltup

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