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35.00 USD

I have always been a fan with the look of fused glass, so I couldn't resist picking up a lot of othes handmade fused glass pendants at the last bead show I was at. It's a brilliant combination of clear and sky blue glass, and I used a wide decorative alternating square knot to show it off to great effect. This is a 14 inch long necklace with a loop and knot closure.

40.00 USD

This funky mushroom hemp necklace is set on 48 lb hemp with a square knot pattern, allowing the gigantic 2 inch long handmade glass mushroom have the seat of honor. This handmade mushroom is made by a fellow Etsyian, and is one of the coolest and best that I've had the pleasure of adding to my supply boxes. This necklace is 16 inches long and closes with a loop and knot.

40.00 USD

Raku ceramic holds a dear place in my heart, since the colors are just out of this world and it looks awesome. I picked up these pendants a few years back, and I wanted to show it off so I put this on a Y necklace with black hemp. This is a one of a kind piece, 15 inches but it uses a tie closure so you can make it as long as you like beyond the 15 inches, up to approximately 20 inches.

25.00 USD

This lampwork bead is big and bold, with dark green running in ribbons throughout. It is the centerpiece of this bracelet, and it certainly is stunning to look at and be immersed in the depths of. This is a 8 inch bracelet with loop and knot closure.

30.00 USD

These wonderful fiber beads are made by and they are an interesting combination of grey and white. The hemp is nice and thick, a new kind of 48 lb hemp that I just got in the other day. Simple but fun for everyday wear. 8 inches long.

35.00 USD

I just love this big focal lampwork bead with lots of multicolored frit, and it just so happens to work perfectly in a y necklace type of format. This is brown hemp knotted in a square knot pattern, with a big focal lampwork bead and little seed bead tassels off the end. The necklace itself is 16 inches with a knot and loop closure, with a tie on the end for making it up to 18 inches long. The dangle Y part is 5 inches long.

35.00 USD

These haiku beads are a type of lampwork bead that just looks so wonderful - the blue under the layers of earthy colors really gives it an almost ethereal look. This brown hemp necklace is 17 inches long, has alternating square knot in a 1 inch wide pattern, and closes with a loop and knot closure.

25.00 USD

Oh I love turquoise, and this is from a simply beautiful strand of carved turquoise. The color is simple stunning, and it is nicely offset by the black hemp. This is a simple bracelet in order to show off the stones to the best effect, and it is a base length of 6 inches with a 2 inch tie on the end.

27.00 USD

You do not want to know the epic adventures I had to go through to find these stones. How could an entire show full of gemstone bead sellers not have something like sodalite? I eventually found a booth beyond the food mecca that had these wonderful stones, which are my absolute favorite in the universe. There was lapis everywhere, there was azurite everywhere, but one person actually had sodalite that had a good mix of the colors? What is this world coming to.

Oh yes, I'm supposed to be talking about the jewelry. Silly me! The hemp is a wonderful fishbone knot in chocolate brown color. It is waxed and polished so it is smooth against the skin. There is a row of sodalite gently caressed by the fishbone knot, then an extra surprise at the end. This is where the bouquet part comes in - there is a dangle of sodalite beads that looks exactly like a big blue blooming flower.

This bracelet is 7 1\/2 inches long, and closes with a lobster clasp. If you clasp in the middle, it will get you 7 inches, if you clasp into the bouquet you can get the extra half an inch. Enjoy!

40.00 USD

This is a 14 1/2 inch choker (please convo if you need it sized differently) that has crazy beads from HappyLime here on etsy ( and is a new type of design for me. Pink, purple, and black flit along the top of very thick hemp, which gives it an interesting look. Sometimes they show off the natural that wants to peek through underneath, and other times they are very secretive - either that or they're hiding the naughty bits ! This is a combination of alternating square knots and fishbone knots - definitely a funky type of piece.

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