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@howardlindzon Why don't you call me anymore?
wow.. big get. @davidmarcus I'll trade you my bbq for btc any day
hmm, can I get this on @amazon prime?
RT @sadgirlkms: isnt rick and morty that thing you get when you die and your body gets all stiff
Ha.. Very cool @Pinterest you know how to have some fun at work..
@ahawkinson @rfradin @pray You should have invested in our fund :) . @rfradin you are a shareholder of @pray via @ScienceInc fund
RT @SteelCityBrand: Raise your hand if you like to watch the Patriots lose. ✋🏻
Getting ready for @starwars this week w/ re watching #TheForceAwakens
@laurashin Yes nice to see they are open to new ways to raise money there's definite innovation in icos. Gotta clea…
@shaig Have you talked to @lo_toney ?
@pfsgian21 See SEC letter that posted after this tweet. I think less low quality ICO's /scams etc. Just higher scrutiny
@rrhoover @hqtrivia @YarnTexts
@rrhoover @hqtrivia @YarnTexts Yes!
@rrhoover Huge mistake.. Huuuuge ;)
What are we're the best apps that launched in 2017? Innovative, new idea, ideally big? @hqtrivia @YarnTexts are my top 2.
With 6.3B on the planet people religious, when we raised our seed 1yr ago for @pray the valley didn't get it.. Thi…
@geoffreykoch @fittsofalexis @PGelsinger @jamescham @garrytan @kevin2kelly @tanyaluhrmann @adllewellyn @MarcKrejci…
@rrhoover If she wants to come to LA.. Ping me
@laurashin It was a pretty thoughtful letter though. Wondering if after the new year they create rules?
@zaoyang @garyvee Miss both of you two..

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Entrepreneur In Residence At trinity Ventures, Former CEO of Photobucket Exec, addicted entrepreneur

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