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Congrats @billclerico!
RT @RichBTIG: #fumble 🏈
@HiRezStew wanted to reach out as i'm headed to atlanta.
Nice.. So is this the first US company cloning China? Other examples? #newworld
anyone know someone @HiRezStudios that I can get an intro to?
@schlaf @chrisfralic @nihalmehta @firstround call it whatever you want as long as the check clears...I don't care
@hunterwalk @AriMNazir i still care about the check ;)
1yr ago @youtube bought @famebit. Look who came back to say hi after being @science for 2yrs.. CEO @dkierzkowski. D…
Got to give @Eunner the @ScienceInc tour. Also got the full update on @SamsungNEXT.. Wow, he's doing some cool stuf…
RT @NFL_Memes: "Thanks for that fumble out of the end zone call guys, I'll get you the check after the game"
Quite possibly the worst call ever?
@mdudas @nyjets That was insane
@fmanjoo I like you making fun of @MikeIsaac
@garyvee This game...
@kylesamani Kind of like kickstarter early days. Fancy video. No idea how to build and ship
@kylesamani I think this is good platform health. Facebook did a version of this.
JETS! I mean who really is rooting for the @Patriots? 2 tds? I almost might be getting my hopes up!
@pszabo @lyft @Uber @flyLAXairport I do taxi out of lax

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