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Informative and funny video. How to Help Someone who has #ADHD. by @howtoadhd
Recovering heroin addict shows her before & after pictures to encourage others to reach out, to get help, show hope…
If you store your bike long term, let the air out of your tires & take away the saddle makes it harder for theives to take it #bcalmanac
Over 40% of bike thefts are on private property and unlocked. #bcalmanac
RT @neurogill: Any adults out there diagnosed with #ADHD ? The Guardian is looking to hear from you about how it affected your... https://t…
RT @DixonLifeCoach: Want to share your adult ADHD story?
Tyler Perry Teaches You How To Set Boundaries With People In Your Life. Many ADHD adults have problems doing that.
@jgrayconsulting you might find a talk or two interesting.
@jgrayconsulting Here are notes from the @unbounce Call To Action conference on Conversion Optimization in Vancouve…
@jgrayconsulting I got quite a lot. Thanks again.
If you have ADHD or family member with it & live in BC this is your new Mental Health & Addictions minister #bcpoli
There is an endless demand by foreign capital to stash their cash in #VanRE + cdn speculators too. #bcpoli
#MOARSUPPLY? No. More #Offshore. Vancouver pop increased 4.6% 2011 to 2016. #VanRE $ increased 74.7%…
@chadskelton that wouldn't work because the housing problem isn't more supply. Tons more supply. Its supply to loca…
Do you or your family have ADHD? See BC's new #Mentalhealth & addictions minister @DarcyJudy talk on #ADHD…
Engage critics with legit points (paraphrasing), "delete YouTube troll comment, ban for life, sleep well." @jgrayconsulting
Useful practical talk on content marketing by @jgrayconsulting at Internet Marketing Master Minds meetup. V high signal to noise ratio
RT @MattsMedia: We've got Jordan Gray speaking at #InternetMasterminds about how he built his sex and relationship business through content…
Do you need some inspiration?
Profoundly Personal: ADHD and female students. #bced

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Adult ADHD coach & blogger. Enjoy technology, social media & politics. Perpetually curious information omnivore. My tweets on politics are now at @pqpolitics
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individual Adult ADHD coaching services over the phone, basically customized solutions for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

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