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Toby Hemenway, American author and educator, Died at 64 https://t.co/tEmazKijFQ https://t.co/V4smvFPjVV
UN recognises unique Australian farm built around Natural Sequence Farming as sustainable https://t.co/9Pm3NqZH4l
Want a free t-shirt from @InVisionApp? Sure you do. Enter for your chance to win: https://t.co/STctZpMeuw https://t.co/jy6AuNK00P
RIP Bill Mollison – Bruce Charles ‘Bill’ Mollison 1928-2016 https://t.co/oalrfEYzU0 https://t.co/06lvKHaWmD
Home Made: 3 Bathtub Greywater System https://t.co/9Ew6EVpZYg
From Tree to Shining Tree https://t.co/Q3nPOrXY7d https://t.co/oEH7WrGPca
The ‘iOS Foundations’ Giveaway https://t.co/NuE1u8OzaE via @
Bananas Are Berries? https://t.co/aX9nRnu3Ww
Tomato Beds https://t.co/ucGqh81zVr https://t.co/d8lUfozoKW
What is the difference between permaculture design and landscape design? https://t.co/PIL1JPZnEg https://t.co/iw6yoN7Ilf
Want a free t-shirt from @InVisionApp? Sure you do. Enter for your chance to win: https://t.co/STctZpuDCY https://t.co/jy6AuO1Bpp
Juliette of The Herbs https://t.co/oVRIbKBOG7
Patterns in Nature https://t.co/v2tQjWb4lv
How to Set up a Permaculture Farm in 9 Steps https://t.co/Ukur1SkI2T
Everything You Know About Composting is Wrong: Mike McGrath at TEDxPhoenixville https://t.co/PTzqzijXQR
HomeBiogas – Create Your Own Energy https://t.co/gcIonWSpey https://t.co/N0qJ78tAWG
Geoff Lawton presents The Permaculture Designers’ Manual https://t.co/hWZyXqVaC1
A Simple Way to Test Your Soil pH https://t.co/nijIjuoSYr
SWALE CALCULATOR SPACING TOOL https://t.co/iKlPsfraJs https://t.co/ndK9LxvKzR

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I am a Permaculturist, father and a Google geek. I love to share my Permaculture knoweldge with others.

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