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What were you doing 20 years ago when #TheMask premiered? @CameronDiaz was looking like this on the red carpet:
Which former contestant called last night's #TheBachelorette finale "trash"?
More proof that @GwynethPaltrow and Chris Martin are basically having the nicest divorce ever
If you sleep with your phone under your pillow, you'll definitely break that habit after reading this
A woman reunites with her wedding dress that was lost during Superstorm Sandy
Find out who wore this spiderweb bracelet, then tell us if you're obsessed or it's a hot mess
Life imitates art for #GreysAnatomy's @SarahDrewGreys - she's expecting her second child in December! (via @CBBVips)
Ugh, what we would give to be Sienna Miller in this photo
.@AndiDorfman's has lots to say in her final #TheBachelorette blog: "I left finding the greatest love of all"
And now for your daily dose of #Frozen news: #OnceUponATime casted its Pabbie and Prince Hans
Remember when @MaksimC and @iamValC danced around our studio wearing nothing but hats and it made our day/year/life?
As if you needed more proof bacon makes everything better (via @greatideas)
Dear boss, we'd love to get our work done, but there are puppies cuddling babies to watch
Can't talk, busy taking selfie lessons from James Franco and Jimmy Fallon
It has come to our attention that we don't look nearly as cute as @chrissyteigen does when we cook dinner.
Nothing to see here, just a 22-square-foot Mona Lisa made from 50 thousand Skittles
Would you date this Bachelor?
Watch @jimmyfallon tease @JamesFrancoTV 's "selfie pose" on #TheTonightShow:
#TheBachelorette's Nick speaks out about his rejection: "I was completely blindsided"
20 years ago #TheMask hit theaters, so you should look at these pics from the 1994 premiere

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