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Two lucky pups. #bigbone #pinkpower #dogbakery #customized #bestdogever @ Santa Rosa, California
Wise move treating your dog to our new 🦉 cookie. #bakerytreatz #doglovers #dogbakery…
RT @SPCAmc: Don't make Patsy Swine go out "walkin' after midnight, searchin' for you” just adopt her today!
PENNY'S two cents: everything is bananas #treatofthemonth
Sonoma County wildlife at night #wildlife
@markknoller This "buy American" & "hire American" push from trump is an insult to our intelligence. Zero Cred.
@nytimes We'll never normalize collusion with a foreign entity. Nice try. #loser
@TeaPainUSA @EileenLeft prolly prearranged by Jared for Jr to take the fall.
RT @Rosie: I am a warrior so that my son may be a merchant, so that his son may be a poet. ~ John Quincy Adams
shovel biting #MondayMotivation
@BraddJaffy @CUhlmann spot on and devastating
having a foxy fourth #HappyIndependenceDay
RT @kylegriffin1: NBC News: Trump has spent nearly 1/3 of days as president at a Trump property and 1/5 at a Trump golf property. https://t…
RT @pacelattin: Trump will be spending the July 4th weekend with military families. Just kidding. At Trump golf resort.
RT @SimonWDC: @djrothkopf And a reminder that Trump didn't meet w/Putin at the G7 because Russia was kicked out of it a few years ago over…
Some NorCal ppl want to secede from CA. Trumps #rubes & #rednecks. They don't even realize the rest of CA lifts th…
RT @JuddLegum: 1. Amazed that the WSJ bombshells about Peter W. Smith have gotten so little attention
RT @robreiner: As we celebrate 241 yrs. of this great experiment, we pray our cherished democracy withstands most ignorant & corrupt POTUS…
RT @nytopinion: Rather than tweeting about Chicago's violence, President Trump should look at what works: its trains
RT @thenation: Donald Trump Might Set a Record for the Biggest Decline of American Power in History

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Handcrafted Organic Dog Treats, amazing Gingerbread Doghouses, custom labeled treats, cake/cookie mixes, iced cookies for dogs. *Whole Dog Journal approved*

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