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@MagazineofMaine Thank you very much! We will check them all out! This is why we love you!
@brianMT @MagazineofMaine Thanks Brian! We'll check it out. I'm looking to get some photos that are more editorial… https://t.co/sCYtylqCfs
@MagazineofMaine I'm looking for a small traditional fishing village that isn't full of shops. Any suggestions? #maine #photography
Dinner at @PrimoMaine @chefmk tonight for our 16th anniversary! Can't believe she's put up with me all these years! #dinner #food #love
Thank you @RobertIrvine read your post of your tricep rupture! Rebuilt shoulder, 2 months into 3 month recovery your words helped a lot!
@ruthreichl @audible_com I misunderstood! I read that one and it was fantastic! That's why I want the others.
@ruthreichl @audible_com I love that you are the narrator. It's the best part. Here is a screen shot of the audible… https://t.co/U6b98DGFjJ
@ruthreichl @audible_com why are Ruth Reichl's books abridged on audible & not on #iTunes. ❤️ #mykitchenyear I want the rest #unabridged too
I use my #iphone with @moment lenses all the time and the software keeps getting better. #photography https://t.co/A6Hu8lyuVk via @SLRLounge
This is so sad. @Google buys and kills another great company. https://t.co/spn4SyspKV # via @DigitalTrends #photography #fail #nikcollection
Why does @mcuban seem to care more about our country then #congress #senate. He works for us more than they do #markcubanforpres #mcuban2020
@mcuban I agree but unfortunately they don't seems to care. Lip service but no action.
The best thing we've done for this country is let @potus do whatever he wants with no checks & balances. #sarcasm #fail #nocongress #merica
I stepped in some #convfefe! Does anyone know how to get this off my shoe?
@AmazonHelp I'll call them. TY
@AmazonHelp I contacted CS through email. I have to wait 12 hours. If an order is sent without anything in it, THAT… https://t.co/aH4rHU967T
I thought our government was based on checks and balances. No one seems to really care. The #house and #senate don't care. #fail #sad
RT @DavePopephoto: So excited to spend our 16yr anniversary at @PrimoMaine next month. We've had almost every anniversary with them & it's…
Where are the @realBobWoodward & @carlbernstein of our time. Who will find the truth? #news #investigate #truth
To me the #food is a small story. The bigger story is the #cooks & #chefs that create the #meals. I'm more interested in them.

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Inspirational and Humorous Speaker, Speech Coach, and Believer. Life is inspiring and funny if you want it to be. It is YOUR choice!

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