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RT @moment: Win an #iPhoneX and the greatest mobile video package ever! $7,000 in prizes from @RhinoCameraGear, @freeflysystems, @peakdesi…
I think #congress should just be honest and tell us that this #taxbill screws the rest of us and only helps the tru… https://t.co/blrJS2ZnbN
Mr. President, why do you tweet the things you do? You are only embarrassing yourself. I don’t like that people moc… https://t.co/x9Lv4OEChP
@CBSSports 4 min left in the NE Oak game and you switched over! Epic Fail! #NFLMexico #nfl #PatriotsNation #RaiderNation
From the #farmer to the #fisherman. From the #hunter to the #gatherer. I hope this season is bountiful! #holidays #farmtotable #eatlocal
@CasaItalianaNY Actually dinner is. That is when I feel I am most creative!
@CasaItalianaNY Breakfast sandwich with egg and sausage
Leaves glow from the suns light Crisp air filled with the smell of fall Black cup of coffee and a good cigar Perfect start to today #autumn
I want my wife to always look at me the way @PeteSouza looks at @BarackObama! #photography #love
I’m tired of @instagram showing me pics from 5 days ago! Any suggestions for a new social media site for photographers? @thomashawk #photo
Hurt so bad by the end of the day, I can barely walk, so you know what I do? I shut the F up and do it again today! #beanadult #beaman
The fog lifts The day begins Coffee and Cigar on the front porch The sing Life is Good #morning #love #peace #fog
RT @DalaiLama: Whatever our religious faith, showing others loving kindness is the best way to bring about inner peace.
Warm Sultry Night! Merlot, Scallops, & Steak finished with @AFuenteCigars The perfect evening! #cigars #steak #man #night #perfection
This says a lot for the #iPhone but more for the #photographer! TIME’s Latest Cover Photos were Shot on the iPhone https://t.co/WVGtXnuLlM
@GordonRamsay after you have Julianed & diced the peppers, can you use the peppers carcasses for stocks or soups? https://t.co/x7Pd84GwMz
Put down the pumpkin latte & the pumpkin spiced beer! Fall has not started! Of course it's alwaysthe right time for bourbon! @BuffaloTrace
TOUCHDOWN!! @Patriots Thinking of @Edelman11 and wishing him a speeding recovery! #football #nfl #touchdown
@ruthreichl I look forward to your tweets every day!
This is embarrassing! Red Cross Exec Doesn't Know What Portion Of Donations Go To Harvey Relief #HurricaneHarvy https://t.co/MqC1S5qY7B

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Inspirational and Humorous Speaker, Speech Coach, and Believer. Life is inspiring and funny if you want it to be. It is YOUR choice!

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