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So true. https://t.co/YqIWgCx6sd
RT @amandakbrinkman: First blog post on my new site - I believe brands need to start turning #brand #purpose into actual brand #action: htt…
@CherylRice @soledadobrien Your point is well made, Cheryl. As a Christian, Pence's intent is avoid the very appear… https://t.co/06szV64pSo
@soledadobrien Your statement regarding Vice President Pence is ridiculous. He is a man of honor. His actions show… https://t.co/8P6JBb5Z6Y
"If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way.” https://t.co/UiMyTOqHEz
@amandakbrinkman - Watching Bristol finale. What a wonderful thing you and Deluxe have done. Restoring small busome… https://t.co/jDTq2J0r5f
"Active participation in #socialmedia requires that you wear three jackets: a life jacket, a straight jacket, and a… https://t.co/jY1ytmRdhN
The only tense is future. The past has passed; the present is like an arrow in flight. Reach up to grab it and it's… https://t.co/zNT33cIvQ7
Whether your business is #b2c or #b2b, you would benefit from reading this ebook. It comes from the great minds at… https://t.co/qOQiWxGXsl
So, who likes Twitter's new 280-character limit? "Like" if you do. If not, leave a comment as to why.
@SpeakerRyan Wouldn't it be nice (and unusual) if the federal government actually did something to help middle-clas… https://t.co/0z17yF4upv
$3 cheeseburger snowballs into kind act for Army veteran https://t.co/CXKmNBA6l4 *great story about #payingitforward*
@42Eclectic I know the feeling.
@BrandenJMusic Yessss. Way too soon.
@CBSNews @ronshank @jeffpeguescbs Terror, at least in the US, comes in individual acts not coordinated attacks... o… https://t.co/ZSTRUAG2ev
RT @getfivestars: Don't hide from customer complaints, improve by using them to your advantage. Check out our ebook to learn more: https://…
@BreakAwayBelize Heaven on Earth
@garyvee Or whiners from whining.
@BenjiLock @ABCSharkTank @GoorinBros Robbie, I'm thinking you may be the next @garyvee - You've got the entrepreneu… https://t.co/zbuUioOuhA
Just for the record, every sentence does not have to start with the word "so." (Apparently, that's a thing now.)

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