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If you don't use Oracle's Java, remove it from your browser now! http://t.co/GMQQr2zI
RT @JLLLOW: Has someone tapped ASIC's rep on the shoulder yet to explain they're proposing to break SSL, which banks rely on? #natsecinquiry
Are you infected with DNSChanger? Visit this site and it will tell you. We've checked to make sure it's safe. http://t.co/NM5zQyGl
RT @alhadab: Oh my God, we're living in a lie ! http://t.co/RyOLlEuI
Folks, time to do a manual Windows Update now. There's an important patch that DOESN'T make you reboot. You need it. Seriously.
We've had multiple reports of fraudulent telephone calls. Please be very careful when taking calls - especially if they ask for details!
Done your backups today?
Interested to know if you agree with these tips. Taking all feedback! Adds, Changes and Deletes! http://t.co/WTGtTD4a
If this test works on your work network, you'd better get it fixed NOW before the real exploit is released! http://t.co/2A7ejQYj
Google's New Privacy Policy starts tomorrow. Here's a simple way to erase what they know about you. http://t.co/JOaCaf3s
Our Cloud-based Backups saved another family's prices digital photographs today after their PC hard drive failed. How are YOUR backups?
Tell us about your experience. Share a testimonial and provide your feedback. http://t.co/Rn8zC774
Hot Tip: If Windows 7 gives strange errors and reports your C: partition as RAW (not NTFS), make sure your C: has free space.
Buying any kind of computer/network/av cable from local shops is convenient but expensive. Make sure you look on eBay first. #tips
@chrisbrownie trolololo.
Just in case you're ever tempted, DON'T buy expensive HDMI cables. ALL digital cables do an equivalent job. Under $10 for 1.5m is fine.
Got an old iPhone? 3GS or earlier? Want the best of iOS5? Check this out. http://t.co/2vgUN5u5 It's free and awesome!
With Wikipedia currently blacked out, we are unable to perform any computer repairs or provide any technology advice. Thank you, come again.
Tell us about your experience. Share a testimonial and provide your feedback. http://t.co/Rn8zC774
0-Day Warning: "Reaver" has been released. Your WPS-Protected WPA WiFi Network is no longer secure. DISABLE WPS NOW.

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