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It's -19 real feel -32 in Kyiv and a snowstorm. Heading to Kherson where it's a bit warmer but much more snow.
Boarded the train, going to Lviv to attend #pivorak
RT @CodeWisdom: "What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks
Sleepy people are slowly gathering for 12th #rubymeditation
@JohnGoss experiencing it at the moment... :( Enom's support says that it's due to a DDOS attack. @enom, any news on dealing with it?
RT @dhh: My most potent secret to productivity, satisfaction, and wellbeing: I sleep nine hours or more every night.
@RubyMeditation и про Мишу Бортника не забудьте, он ваш многократный докладчик и тоже в этой команде :)
We're on the 9th place overall! Quite a good result :) #rubyrampage
RT @amoniacou: Please, support @amoniac Developers team and their project CityRiddle!
Wow! We did it! Check out our addictive city-guessing game developed in 48 hours: #RubyRampage
Deep 7-hour sleep in a midst of #RubyRampage hackaton - priceless. Now I'm back from zombie-mod.
Getting ready for #rubyrampage, less than 30 minutes left. It's almost 3 am in my timezone, so the start is going to be brutal :)
RT @garybernhardt: Is this the Rails magic I keep hearing about?
RT @niedzielskiadam: I’m excited to share that I’m joining @gitlab today!
#rubymeditation 11 is about to get started
RT @andrzejkrzywda: the moment when you should run away from a framework is when they use the word "magically"
RT @pivorakmeetup: Apply for 5 hrs #workhop on #trailblazer with @apotonick - the next day after #pivorak >> 😈 http…
RT @yukihiro_matz: I didn't get 10/10. sigh. link: Ruby or Rails?:
RT @andrzejkrzywda: I was taught that query methods shouldn't change the state of an object. Then I met ActiveRecord and `.valid?`

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