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LinkedIn blocked in Russia: A welcome warning for global players?
The Universities Churning Out The Most Billionaires [Infographic]
Credit Card Giant MasterCard Files 4 New Blockchain Patents
Britain to ratify single European patent system
Only US mark(ed) in Presidential style Royalties free &
Australian engineer takes out inaugural global prize for quantum computing
Yahoo wants to make a Minority Report-style 'smart' billboard to spy on shoppers
Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice
Deutsche Bank to pay $9.5 million penalty over research info
The China Syndrome: How recent developments in Chinese patents affect U.S. applicants
The government and the courts are finally getting fed up with patent trolls — and stupid patents…
Lambert Toolkit for academic or research institutions and industrial partners
[US] Federal Trade Commission released its 269 pages report on patent assertion entities
Courts are still figuring out how to think about software patents
Design Patent of the Month: Rectangles on a Screen
Ainsworth marks the day!
The Looming War for Blockchain Patents
The Underwear Heist - A Tale of Intellectual Property Theft
Quo vadis Twitter?!
Possible Future Digital Crown Function: Fast Charging

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