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18 Friends - PopURLs,Net - Blue edition | dashboard for business IT news - CIO Online, Open Source Will Destory Microsoft? -, How to Put RSS Feed Up on The Web
Papa Smooth just got a Google Wave invite! ;)
papa smooth u one cool dude
<!> TESTING API <!>Papa Smooth INK . -, Feedback widgets for your website and more. -, RSS in plain english (YouTube video)
twitter + website setup complete. ;) -- Yours Truly.
twitter test check 1 2.
twitter test version 4.
twitter test version 3.
twitter test version 2.
twitter test from facebook
social twitter test from facebok.
meeting w/ #millstoneblock in fairport, ny. ;) - Breaking News, Google Ups Bing anty in race for Social search. #socialmedia - Wall Street Journal - Firms Get a Hand With Twitter, Facebook. - TechRepublic - 10 Skills Developers Will Need in the Next 5 Years. - Smashing Mag - 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines.

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