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Thanks for stopping by #Pandora #Oakland @panama_wedding! We had a great time jamming with you!
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@Maryiswriting Uh oh -- sorry for the trouble. Email us and we'd be happy to help:
@schmjdt Not at this time, but we've made sure to note your request. Thanks for the feedback!
@AptlyMegan You can always edit your thumbs :) Let us know if you need help:
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@Alilo_gray You got this! What stations are helping you through your internship?
@amandacmani Glad we could provide the tunes :) #ThumbsUp
@jessolaughlin Hey Jess -- Sorry for the trouble. Email our support team so they can take a look:
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"Listening to the 70s rock station on Pandora really makes me want to jump on the motorcycle and ride...not sure where, just ride" @imyodlin
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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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