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@Ora_Mi Not at all. Our Listener Advocates would love to help you out. We just need to take a closer look at what's going on.
RT @FastCompany: How @pandora_radio helps musicians plan tours
@jkyles10 Nothing like music to bring the holidays closer! #ThumbsUp
@jlinitz @Yellowcard Enjoy, John :) #ThumbsUp
@unlv_kitkat #ThumbsUp #MusicEqualsHappiness
@Maegangarza_ Check on the thumbs/seeds in your station: Email us and we can look:
@andmegansaid @Yellowcard Woohoo! Happy listening, Megan :) #ThumbsUp
@YaBuddyBuchholz @Yellowcard Glad you're loving the album! Enjoy :) #ThumbsUp
@afycsozayn Uh oh! What phone or browser was this happening on?
@ldh2012 You can! Learn more here: Email us if you need help:
Pandora's Tim Westergren sat down with the legendary Nile Rodgers today at @advertisingweek #AWXI
@VRose215 #ThumbsUp #HappyJamming
@TeiwanC @fatbellybella Glad we could be part of your evening :) #ThumbsUp
@JakeLX No problem! :) #ThumbsUp
@LArao27 @donaldglover #ThumbsUp
@OriginalDan_ Check on your station thumbs/seeds: Email us and we can look:
@Bincabinc Happy listening, Bianca! #ThumbsUp
@delighted2write Does it make everything feel like an adventure? :)
@MelinSommerfeld Woohoo! What station came to your rescue?
@crzychris445 We're here for you! What station can you always rely on to make your day better?

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