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@eRaNo7 We'd love to get this in our rotation. Submit your music suggestion here:
@WildChild_Est81 Good luck. Happy listening!
@HeartbreakChaz What a time to be alive! #ThumbsUp
@bea_gianni We love new music suggestions. Submit yours here:
@solinyevents Glad you enjoyed it!
@lalajustsmile Enjoy the tunes! #ThumbsUp
@marydblanchard Agreed, it's such a good musical. #ThumbsUp
@MusicRunMath We'd like more info about this and provide some troubleshooting step to help. Please email us here:
@RoboWolfMobster Create a station from AC/DC's Hells Bells. That should help get you through this Black Friday.
@lalajustsmile What station are you jammin' to today?
@JonathanESim Crank it up, lean back and enjoy the tunes! #ThumbsUp
@SamSmoke Enjoy the laughs!
@LaughItOff You are doing it so right! #ThumbsUp
@LHDECA If you're getting a lot of repetition, you might want to try some of our tips:
@JustinDKilgore Sorry for any confusion! We are not an on-demand service. Learn more about how Pandora works here:
@philiphutcheson Happy listening!
@the_velvet_rose We’d like to know more about this. Can you please email us so we can take a look?
@marydblanchard Do you have a favorite song from this musical yet?
@ogqwell Try restarting your web browser and make sure there are no other instances of Pandora open on separate windows. Hope this helps.
@MattMazur84 Thanks for writing. I've shared your feedback as a feature request for our product team.

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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