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@Breeza_12345 Sorry for the trouble. Shoot an email to our Support Team and they can help with this:
@sa_broc Happy to hear that. #ThumbsUp
@RobbyCU Perfect. They'll reach back out to your shortly!
@DirkSkandal Sorry for any trouble. Shoot an email to our Support Team for further clarification on this:
@lacowie If you're tired of hearing a particular song you can choose to not hear it again for a while:
@12MarieBrooke 1 point for the Genome Genie.
@Jacethinks Better late than never! #ThumbsUp
@sa_broc The Genome Genie knows...
@angel2gucci_ #ThumbsUp
@xmrythem Currently, they're unavailable as we explore if & how they will be reintroduced. We welcome your feedback on this.
@LokoReviews Enjoy the music! #ThumbsUp
@akikamozawa Happy to hear it! #ThumbsUp
@EmGusk Lucky you! #ThumbsUp
@Cajun_Marauder Fun night, indeed! #ThumbsUp
@Makaih___ The Genome Genie has your back!
@akikamozawa Love that station! #ThumbsUp
@gnaum We're always looking to improve our service. Your request has been noted and will be passed along!
@madsports66 Happy to hear you're enjoying the service, Mario! #ThumbsUp
@StevieCMarinos Can't deny good music! #ThumbsUp
@marykathryn_16 Of course! #ThumbsUp

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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