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#MyBestFeatureIs waking you up on time and playing music you love.
@joannamiller717 Sorry for any confusion! We are only available in the US, AU & NZ.
@AeyezYoungStar Congrats! #ThumbsUp
@jacol0 Thanks for letting us know! We'll report this to our partners who handle the lyrics.
@envyfathom How weird! What browser are you using when this happens?
@CANTDEALDOTKOM Oh no - sorry to hear that. What type of device are you using when it skips?
@jacobsearcy18 #ThumbsUp all day, boiii.
@threefourteen More like seriously awesome people. A little variety won't hurt :)
@sarahxxansaldi What station gives you #musicmotivation?
@edaugherty13 This I Promise You. #ThumbsUp
@q45191949 Email us for some help:
@derrickbann We love music suggestions. Send yours here:
@CYN_in_HOUSTON Please email us about this so we can help:
@ForrestRilling Always think of Rush Hour 2 when that song plays!
@reesymac Try disabling battery optimization - if you're not sure how to do that, email us for instructions:
@reesymac Marshmallow is the newest Android OS (6.0). You can find which one you are running under Settings -> About Phone
@Samkn1ghtt Hey! DJ Jersey was the one spinning with us during @Hangoutfest :)
@death_waffle Hmm, just to be sure, can you email us so we can take a look at your account on our end?
@Myrgon There is - shoot us an email and let us know what payment method you want to switch to:

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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