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@AcapellaJunky It sure is. Glad we are able to bring the music you love to you.
@ChristiaP7 Thanks for the love! Enjoy the music!
@LookinginKC Try this: and let me know how it goes.
@RickSforza If the problem persists, try this:
@emilygroch Nice! Music discovery is what Pandora's all about! Enjoy your musical journey!
@JulPul14 No problem, Julia. Enjoy your weekend!
@heardatseminary Currently Thumbs are station specific, but I've forwarded your request to our product team. Thanks for the suggestion!
@Sonia25__ You're very welcome! Happy Listening!
@OleZachariah We'll need to know what browser you're using. Internet Explorer (7,8,9,10,or 11); Google Chrome; Firefox; or Safari?
@TheDollyrots +2 #ThumbsUp for awesome music!
@BestFlaws Check your station details, you may need to remove a Thumb Rating or Seed:
@CJStark Thanks for the support! How long have you been with us?
@_Cristina____ Let's not forget, she did make BBHMM :)
@ErikaBuis Feel free to submit your suggestion here:
@bloodticker48 Twilight Radio makes everything EPIC.
@expressively_86 We really appreciate your support & we'd love to send you a gift. Email me here if you're interested:
@avilae_94 What a wonderful feeling that is. :)
@MaddZomB Sounds like you may need to edit your station details:
@NancyWait The Enya station is so lovely and calming. Perfect for relaxing.
@MMinAVL Why not?

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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