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@Leeeesaa Rock on, Lisa. #ThumbsUp
@abourg_abc2 Hah! Embrace it. #ThumbsUp
@Ohmahlanta Great bands! #ThumbsUp
@CoachFoxLCC Sounds like it! Keep enjoying :) #ThumbsUp
@KoraSadler Nice! What is your favorite Comedy station to listen to?
@krothenbaum I've noted your complaint, Kyle. You can turn off other notifications, but the in-app feed cannot be turned off at this time.
"Listening to Pandora on the way to class gives me the insatiable urge to bailando & take shots, shots, shots, shots at 8am!" @Kristena2513
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@Mich7782 #ThumbsUp
@katebdavis2 We love to hear that! #ThumbsUp
@mlo305 @Usher Classic. Happy #ThrowbackThursday! #ThumbsUp
@lharsma Yikes! Please email our Support team so they can look into this for you and help:
@thtkidjose Hey Jose - Shoot us an email so we can take a look:
@McGrubbin You know it! Enjoy :)
@kubiakhs07 @davematthewsbnd Two #ThumbsUp!
@FrankieFingaz2 Our pleasure! Thank YOU for listening :) #ThumbsUp
@ktdig23 Hope it continues to be on point for you, Katie! #ThumbsUp
@broohee Music to our ears! #ThumbsUp
@StigmaStinks Here it is:
@taethowen ...My precious... #ThumbsUp

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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