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@MadMac_20 These steps should help: -if not, email us so we can take a closer look:
@LaShandaWebb @JanetJackson All For Youuu. #ThumbsUp
@KixGameStupid Try checking up on your station details and make sure to use your thumbs:
@KaitlinKotwicki Sounds like your station could use a tune-up:
@jonjoebailey Keep in mind that Thumbs are station specific. If it keeps popping up on one station, email us:
@sveschak We're working on a fix with DirecTV - thanks for your patience & sorry for the inconvenience.
@_traphrodite Thanks for the support! What's your favorite station?
@bjohnson0701 Glad to hear it. Happy listening!
@ncwsundev22 The wait is over: :D
@lizzylynngarcia How did we do?
@SwaffordKatie Thanks for the suggestion! I've noted your request and will pass it on.
@neilpSCOTT1 Start here: -Enjoy the tunes!
@Jomie1986 Ow ow!
@BrownChompSoup How does your song make you feel?
@SydneyPaige97 @NICKIMINAJ This one is for the boys with the booming system...
@Dre_Ahh We gladly accept the applause. Thank YOU for listening!
@rproven Sorry to hear this! Email our support team so they can look into this for you:
@Hoopdini_ lol that doesn't seem right. Be sure to give it a Thumbs down if it pops up again.
@SoapNanny Get it girl! #ThumbsUp
@MadMac_20 Noooo :( what browser or device are you using?

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Hey music fans! Welcome to Pandora's official page. I'm Aaron, Pandora's Community Manager: here for comments, feedback & general discussion about music & tech.

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