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hey everyone youve gotta check this out I made almost $600 today!
@Jasonmudd do you have a link?
RT @precentral: Review: Palm Pre Car Charger #palmpre
Palm Pre Mojo SDK is out for everyone
@elchidomike yeah, i know, its a Pre tho, not a phone you should have to jimmy rig with paper to fix the battery, 1990s nokia did that
@elchidomike seriously? paper under the battery? what is this a Nokia Brick
RT @aceliu:10 Reasons Not To Start A Business Today: If thinking bout starting a business now,here are 10 reason..
hmmm havent done my review of the Pre yet, battery life + no tether + shutting of on me = not happy
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@kowgod yeah, I sent some over the weekend, the Blackberry's also got the ability for mms, like my old pearl's last software update allowed
RT @QuickPWN: Palm Pre is listed above Apple's WWDC in Twitter's top trending topics.
Having issues with the Pre and Exchange, read everything I can find out it but still no luck...
Got the Palm Pre yesterday! Really liking the phone, will have my review posted soon!
A week and a half until the Palm Pre! Who's excited?! Anyone camping out??
@PreThinking tell me you're lying?!
@digitalmediabuz I'm definitely going to get a Pre!
New blog post: Palm Pre to Launch!
WHOOP! Palm Pre June 6th!! Can't wait!
@leasingtobuy I loved bag phones! :) but the Pre would be a good upgrade!

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