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US and Bay Area Friends - this is a great cause! They are doing excellent work in Karachi by providing...
RT @sarelief: Watch this exclusive interview with #BilquisEdhi by @FaezaDawood about #Edhi Sahab, a social entrepreneur epitomy @edhifoun…
The @indusEarthTrust and @Paksef sign MoU #SocEnt #SIndh...
A terrible loss to the nation, we can't think of anyone who did more to uplift society's most vulnerable. #Edhi...
Take $7 to save life of one child;More about @CLF_Pakistan at donations are tax-exempt under #IRS section #501c3
Why chiildren die before their 1st b'day? Docu on @CLF_Pakistan by @sharmeenochinoy -honored to be a fiscal sponsor
Our challenge is our branding and marketing has to go hand in hand with actual work on the ground @AtharOsama #DigIt16
#Pakistan innovation fund held the first national awards last year @AtharOsama #digit16
The private sector is absolutely critical to science and innovation in #Pakistan, @AtharOsama #DigIt16
Well said, in the developed world there is a social contract b/w science community & nation at large @AtharOsama #digit16
Athar Osama @AtharOsama talking about #Pakistan's Science & Innovation -an informative data driven talk at #DigIt16
Master Ayub is a true unsung hero of Pakistan. .
Inspiring model: ‘Every child should be told about Abdus Salam’ - The Express Tribune
[For Imediate Release] Our fiscal sponsee @CLF_Pakistan Gets Pediatric Hospital in Korangi -5 to Manage #Karachi
[For Imediate Release] #Karachi, Saturday February 27th: It is with great plesure we anounce our fiscal sponsee,...
Humans of Karachi campaign to raise funds to purchase a laplop and motorbike for Imran has been met. We thank all...
A dismal state of affairs, though reversable. The Government needs to stop depending and blaming the private...
Humans of Karachi Support Imran - Paksef

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