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How many working families in America are dependent on food banks? It's more than you think: http://t.co/MQQAYA6r3C
The UN has announced that its December 1 #Ebola target won't be reached: http://t.co/jcrucunQPm Our statement: http://t.co/qZ93aqb0vQ
A clear & public plan of action from the UN & govts is needed to respond to the changing nature of the Ebola outbreak http://t.co/TpFNYoolVv
Current peace efforts with the Taliban is excluding Afghan women: http://t.co/3w72xKujnI #Afghanistan
#Ebola continues to devastate West Africa. Community health workers are fighting back. Here's how: http://t.co/QGIj0zdCDO
Afghan women have been frozen out of peace talks, are in danger of losing the gains made since fall of the Taliban: http://t.co/MuurX2ZWWi
To feed the world’s growing population, we need to change the way we think about hunger & inequality. http://t.co/sKi8JrZgDA
As troops withdraw, fears for the rights of Afghan women grow: http://t.co/9U7nYY9eLQ #Afghanistan
Hard-won rights for Afghan women could be bargained away unless more is done to include them in the peace process http://t.co/4QZj78NDcB
RT @HB_Planning: We want to hear all about your @OxfamAmerica #HungerBanquet events! Send us photos and tell us your story! http://t.co/8IZ…
What does the future hold for @FeedtheFuture? http://t.co/XekDWyRDNi
RT @LHartnett615: Afghan Women Are Excluded From Peace Overtures to Taliban, @Oxfam Report Says http://t.co/J0pgjdycfi by @rodnordland
Afghan women are consistently excluded from #Afghanistan’s peace negotiations & talks about the country’s future http://t.co/YkcVZ4HGVp
Our new report: Afghan women have been systematically excluded from efforts to start peace talks with the Taliban http://t.co/A6Q9hyvR7R
Think US food banks only serve the homeless and unemployed? Think again. The real face of hunger in working America: http://t.co/1h7IKi4XCH
@LauraKMcClure very cool! Thanks for sharing.
How can #globaldev professionals & NGOs do more to support improved land rights for women? http://t.co/1h6qsXq8jb
How a hole in the ground can help poor countries recover $260 billion a year http://t.co/qHBHBvZ4bi
We're loving your tweets & photos from #HungerBanquet events this week - thanks to all who organized & attended one!
One step closer to securing a future for @FeedTheFuture: http://t.co/nqVejaxY4Q

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