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Everyone needs clean water & sanitation -- especially during a crisis. That's why it's a focus of our emergency work: http://t.co/PfDUaKVGu6
In crisis - from #Gaza to #SouthSudan to #Syria - families have this in common: a need for clean water & sanitation. http://t.co/W9td71ZXo2
By providing clean water, hygiene promotion & sanitation services during emergencies, we can save countless lives. http://t.co/gIAPG18pii
Water & sanitation: Everybody needs them, especially during a crisis http://t.co/wRIKHxqlzc http://t.co/Uh2Xeb1EhJ
RT @nprdancharles: @AubreyNPRFood and I chat with @cjochnick about pushing big food brands to change the world http://t.co/BPoogo4QCm
@MediaFunders Thanks!
A chat with NPR's The Salt and our own @cjochnick: Can Oxfam Nudge Big Food Companies To Do Right? http://t.co/BPoogo4QCm #BehindtheBrands
RT @GoodWeave: This Labor Day, #StandWithSanju. Join us and hear Sanju's courageous tale: http://t.co/MUmYnD4Xck http://t.co/zSl9SwY3dU
RT @GoodWeave: The journey to child-labor-free starts here and starts now. Watch: http://t.co/MUmYnD4Xck. #StandWithSanju.
Can Oxfam Nudge Big Food Companies To Do Right? Listen to @cjochnick on @nprnews: http://t.co/BPoogo4QCm #behindthebrands
On last night's @NewsHour: #Syria's neighbors can’t absorb growing refugee crisis alone http://t.co/3sKwU26F4x
Seattle! Stop by our booth at @Bumbershoot this weekend, take action to support women farmers, & pick up an Oxfam Summer Jams download card!
RT @_MeredithLarson: "No one has done enough- so we see a tragic number like we do today.” @oxfamamerica 's @dpaulobrien on @NewsHour #Sy…
What to learn more about the #refugee crisis in #Syria? Watch @NewsHour tonight on @pbs for a piece with @dpaulobrien!
Tonight! Tune into @NewsHour to hear about #Syria's refugee crisis from our own @dpaulobrien.
Today, the UN announced: #Syria's #refugees top 3 million, half of all Syrians displaced http://t.co/jaiYVwzqrS
#Syria: 3 million refugees. World governments - open your doors to refugees, step up on aid & help end this crisis. http://t.co/OASLcKy20e
Syria's child #refugees would fill 28,500 school buses. We can't forget them. #Syria #3MSyrians http://t.co/WebEaBMthq
3 million Syrians have fled violence and desperately need shelter, food & water. Donate here: http://t.co/QzublHX50i #Syria #refugees
3 million #refugees from #Syria - that's more than 3.5 times the population of San Francisco. #3MSyrians http://t.co/5caxhNXohh

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