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Peace in Darfur depends on understanding the role of land issues in the conflict http://t.co/nI74ocg50l
“I see fellow human beings as I see myself & if they can’t defend their rights, then I have to help them.” http://t.co/lEoByvJUQ1
#BehindtheBrands supporters got @GeneralMills to act on climate change. Let's call @KelloggCompany so they do too! http://t.co/QM2WqMNiTL
We all love stories about giant slayers - ordinary people who stand up to the powerful & triumph. People like Joanna: http://t.co/TVoBa14Qic
Thank you Richard Oswald and @change supporters: you helped make @GeneralMills' new climate commitments a reality! #BehindtheBrands
Thank you @AmerValuesNet supporters: you helped make @GeneralMills' new climate commitments a reality!
Thanks to @Newportfolkfest @Thaogetstaydown @mavisstaples & @latejulyorganic for a wonderful weekend of music activism.Happy Birthday Mavis!
Our pal @lyricsborn's new #RealPeople album is up for pre-order and benefits our work in the Gulf Region. Check it: http://t.co/mCZkg9OzNP
.@RAN asks @Cargill to fill gaps in their new #palmoil pledge - http://t.co/l3gTj7WmTr
We all have a David inside us – we have the power to take on Goliaths & make the world a better place. http://t.co/IPL7041GlD
Fearless honesty and the quest for accountability in a ‘‘transparently corrupt’’ Ghana http://t.co/1eZLLMIDRw
RT @latimes: General Mills takes new steps to combat climate change http://t.co/IjyatP7yZB
Why we should remember Haris Suleman and #BringBabarHome http://t.co/I2TktLZSfC
RT @MotherJones: This Huge Corporation Is Tackling Climate Change—Because It's a Threat to the Bottom Line http://t.co/to9inQlny1
Here's how you convinced @GeneralMills to act on climate change: http://t.co/EK387e7qlG #BehindtheBrands
So far, we've helped more than 260,000 people in #SouthSudan with food, clean water, sanitation & cash distributions. http://t.co/1FtumYC3Pv
General Mills sees the big picture on climate change http://t.co/befUSq0g6v
Thanks to over 230,000 #BehindtheBrands supporters, @GeneralMills has announced its commitment to cut emissions! http://t.co/lKqGtw8zL4
Our Global Ambassador is in this week's @PEOPLEMag - check out her profile! http://t.co/aBUYxvG2MW
Joanna Manu fought for her rights and won. She's powerful -- and so are you! http://t.co/Fezavrrtas

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