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John Fleming speaking at the Florida Authors & Publishers Association Annual Conference | https://t.co/dOXt7KM1s0… https://t.co/nSwZ7sSDDm
Carpenter Ant Awareness Week Webinar | https://t.co/dOXt7KM1s0 https://t.co/pgStxqDtjI https://t.co/qd02WZUnZo
Dan Blank Announces The Gateway Mastermind Program | https://t.co/dOXt7KM1s0 https://t.co/m7Bj4cABAI https://t.co/eNPgEREJPY
Meet the https://t.co/dOXt7KM1s0 team at AAUP 2017 Austin | https://t.co/dOXt7KM1s0 https://t.co/zNHpsLm8Jx https://t.co/QGdbZ0d4GD
RT @Publishr: A.I. Chatbots Are Evolving the Author Platform | https://t.co/UpJlbfNjJg https://t.co/zXiCMmr3vV https://t.co/AzH2sAfGiI
If you have been following us here at @outcomelabs, please follow us now at @biztegra. Thanks!
Biztegra acquires Outcome Labs http://biztegra.com/
Brands We Like: Matusalem Rum http://post.ly/o3bx
If you don't know what the folks at the Coral Restoration Foundation are doing, check out this from CBS lats month http://bit.ly/8XYUem
Interesting piece on how GroupOn is differentiating in customer service http://bit.ly/a4FMq3
Compelling thought from @chrisbrogan today ... Questions are powerful, don't you agree? http://bit.ly/dtwMGP
The Pioneer Behind @ComcastCares, Frank Eliason, Resigns http://j.mp/9z36th
A little Friday fun... World's Largest Skateboard Disaster http://bit.ly/92mpwb ... thks @GuyKawasaki
Looking at managing multiple domains in Google Apps. Primary domain concept still makes it complicated. Anyone doing this?
Woth checking: Joel Curzon, author and photographer of Light Fading, will speak Loxahatchee Nat Wildlife Refuge July 18
Glowing Oil Could Aid Gulf Spill Cleanup http://bit.ly/ar63hg via National Geographic
Best advice I ever received... "All money is made at a platform shift" from Dave Litwack, President of PowerSoft 1994 http://bit.ly/cgIJv4
Recommended... Billion Dollar Company- An Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Models for High Growth Companies by @rhhfla http://amzn.to/di7QMI
Anyone tried this? How to Access Internet With the iPad 3G Without Paying Extra http://instapaper.com/zJ1fuokN

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