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A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971) https://t.co/usWTIZoeoZ
IT (1990) https://t.co/1KD7DLsMVD
FALLEN ANGELS (1995) https://t.co/DcUL88NqCc
HER (2013) https://t.co/Ra6ApedWdb
LE SAMOURAƏ (1967) https://t.co/ta2I3MG5jl
THE EXORCIST (1973) https://t.co/B6PrRh1SyR
PSYCHO (1960) https://t.co/7OBsh5qVjp
PARIS, TEXAS (1984) https://t.co/FvQd9IvS8R
RAGING BULL (1980) https://t.co/bvaqYBSAmb
MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO (1991) https://t.co/8zNWDJTgX6
THE SHINING (1980) https://t.co/RYrymBBXVW
THE GODFATHER (1972) https://t.co/IpVD7oTkFm
Good films make your life better.
LA HAINE (1995) https://t.co/bJIYHVhFHe
BREAKING THE WAVES (1996) https://t.co/8H2FnebvMj
LE CERCLE ROUGE (1970) https://t.co/lLIpS0MAHY
THE RETURN (2003) https://t.co/1CzGikDz6R
DO THE RIGHT THING (1989) https://t.co/pzmRwiqqDz
LA HAINE (1995) https://t.co/waaeY2PuN5
A DIRTY CARNIVAL (2006) https://t.co/kw5ID1JJOy

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