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One of the last things John Glenn did before he died was to write Jeff Bezos a letter. This is what it said.… https://t.co/LsLLZtdDMO
Dylann Roof's confession, journal details racist motivation for church killings https://t.co/MbQSnFeMFD https://t.co/1gu4D2dW5V
Near the Inland Regional Center, flowers and signs still honor the 14 people killed in San… https://t.co/qtjXgB7t3J https://t.co/M0HB5nzUIl
New CDC data understate accidental shooting deaths of kids https://t.co/OzExFZxehg https://t.co/iigf9XbNpt
Trump's 'Thank You Tour' is coming to Orlando Dec. 16 https://t.co/615UXFycVI https://t.co/mxbm8kmgwA
Trump says blacks who stayed home were 'almost as good' as those who voted for him https://t.co/tFhPvPEXKe https://t.co/pG51rJKQyG
Exxon CEO, who has ties to Russia, emerges as Trump's top secretary-of-state candidate https://t.co/HOU9dFTZx0 https://t.co/saNDyafeCp
UCF basketball guard Aliyah Gregory turns personal tragedy into holiday service for others https://t.co/92xZuid9Mn https://t.co/29Mgvmp3m3
Pictures: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando adoptable pets https://t.co/ET3j28rfIf https://t.co/AjOAdmqjfv
Opinion: How to make feminism great again https://t.co/a6V5yntPWp https://t.co/SyNEhzzFD6
Pedestrian on sidewalk in Lake Mary killed by truck https://t.co/SwWxAg5anH https://t.co/oklrYB6Id0
Counter to campaign, Trump deepens Goldman Sachs ties as he builds economic team https://t.co/su5Xoiv4qn https://t.co/beod7mmcg5
Beyond birth control, advocates say women could pay more for insurance under TrumpCare https://t.co/idkJNjij35 https://t.co/X7YtEbBoGk
Can you find true love on a dating app? He did — and he's marrying her https://t.co/0WT1TlxonD https://t.co/piGHAqY1aO
Shutdown threat eases as Senate Democrats signal retreat on miners' aid https://t.co/LLeZ5eXyGJ https://t.co/SdCwCnmXjX
Post-election, Trump closes companies tied to Saudi Arabia https://t.co/oQ7tdW0GDX https://t.co/S0TB6ApXA6
Local shopping districts ready for busier holiday season https://t.co/tsMwUADr1n https://t.co/nw0sg41QmR
Medical pot delivery thrills St. Cloud resident with mystery illness https://t.co/C0g47OAVBP https://t.co/av8Zpo79L8
The 'faithless few': All the times electoral college members voted their own way https://t.co/6dPU4t6vbd https://t.co/6EYPuwt14Z
More than 50,000 overdose deaths: A grim tally soars to all-time U.S. high https://t.co/wcBAUKIl8p https://t.co/pC5MVirJtD

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