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We are having a special sale of select items on our online shop to say thank you for your support! Take a look: http://t.co/z9BIbyNLJn
Detail of a boro futonji. Really nice arrangement and variety of cloth throughout. https://t.co/y1sp5C0Suu
Antique Japanese boro child's kimono and katazome jacket. https://t.co/pcG7jMJrZL
Katazome resist-dyed cotton with wisteria, chrysanthemum and arabesque motif. https://t.co/cy0nv79blk
Many items listed today: Sakiori obi, shibori and katazome kimono, hand-woven indigo, and more http://t.co/NjGfvgY75B http://t.co/s9zGDLnFVK
A few new items listed today: An antique Japanese boro futonji and miniature kimono for sewing practice. See more at http://t.co/VdSvye3GLH
Orime pop-up shop at Templeton General in Boston May 15-17. https://t.co/iGntS5r3Qb
'Asanoha' or hemp leaf patterned sashiko stitching. https://t.co/YEo6N6wKF4
A full rack of antique indigo dyed Japanese garments. https://t.co/erVC8fzcW8
Happy to announce our popup shop and gallery at Templeton General in Boston. Friday May 16th through Sunday the 18th. http://t.co/cPqiS8nhVA
A group of vintage sashiko stitched zokin dust-cloths created from repurposed cotton. https://t.co/6MQSw7Onhi
A detail of a densely stitched indigo noragi. Wonderful texture! https://t.co/QDJF3EalGh
A collection of vintage hinagata, miniature kimono created as sewing practice. https://t.co/67NV3HAGSd
A vintage sheet of decorative Japanese knots. Very likely created by a schoolgirl as practice. The… https://t.co/GokaceMjpE
This colorful combination struck my eye as we were organizing today. Layers of antique itajime silk,… https://t.co/4okNNlYlo3
Confirmed our booth #134 at the Antique Textiles show in Sturbridge on Monday, May 11th. Hope to see you there. #antiquetextiles
A boro tsutsugaki futon with tea ceremony motif. https://t.co/iODRkP6Sv8
A vintage hinagata—tiny kimono for sewing practice. Available today along with new listings on our website. https://t.co/IFauN04gEQ
A set of hemp kasuri zabuton, or seating cushions, with a plum bossom, fan, and battledore racket motif. http://t.co/THaxnD43Aw
Excited to share our brand new website! Please take a moment to visit. http://t.co/e07YlfvvXC

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