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Tacobell is now 8% #organic
@JustinFrankel I bet this guy cant keep chickens the city, those are not my chickens......
@Globalstar Cust. of 5 years now leaving your service. You have changed my plan 3 times and doubled the price. Sign…
@GSATNews you just lost an investor and a customer. Your plan changes and auto contract extensions are out of hand.…
RIP Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries
@forestservice @ShastaTrinityNF And thanks to SPI clear cutting and slash burns!
I LOVE #organic bike sharing. Never has it been so easy to see a pile of VC money.
RT @chrisfralic: “OK Google and Alexa - meet your Uncle Chumby and Aunt Audrey”
Country over party, wish this was a thing.
RT @ShastaTrinityNF: On #NationalLawEnforcementAppreciationDay we salute @forestservice law enforcement officers throughout the #ShastaTrin…
@SimoneGiertz So that is the disconnect with your inventions?
RT @EthanZ: Another facet of how we mistreat people in our corrections system:
Tomorrow will be 17 seconds longer!
@DLi_battery DPRK? The best Korea
@IamMrCupp @Hertz Dear Hertz I am removing your organic seal of approval.
RT @IamMrCupp: wow fuck @Hertz rentals. NEVER again will we use your shitty service. $14.50 for a $4 toll. Crooks. Now I know why ever…
Good Bye AIM WonderChoad Will miss you.
Net neutrality failing will bring back the MPAA/RIAA forcing ISP's to give up users or else......
RT @JeffBezos: #NewShepard had a successful first flight of Crew Capsule 2.0 today. Complete with windows and our instrumented test dummy.…

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