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#iPhone6 anyone? You've got TWO days left to enter the giveaway. Click the link to enter now! http://t.co/jPmyXA5LEt http://t.co/hwTfeoV2Qa
@WebPresenceIOM Very sorry to hear that :( please give more details here: http://t.co/RH3olBuobC so we can investigate it for you /Ruth
@parkpms323 Hey, having trouble opening that image. Can you send it to social-networks@opera.com and I'll try to help :) thanks /Ruth
@trapprain Thx for screenshots, couldn't reproduce gmail error but I'm getting the same as you for Blogger. Will take both to Mini team /R
@amanz We're in Stand 5C21. See you :) /Vera
Coming to #Barcelona for #MWC15? We're in Hall 5. We've got a tapas of apps to show you. http://t.co/VbRGJaFtBq
RT @veraleighlasam: Like a skyscraper. #MWC15 http://t.co/qGKZdjjRsp
@trapprain Sorry to hear that! Report it through the bug link and I'll chase it up. Thanks for letting us know /Ruth
@The_Mole_UK Hmmm, can you report it as a bug for us? That way we can have a closer look for you :) thanks /Ruth
@dherman76 Let us know what you think! Happy browsing :) /Ruth
RT @Chitrarth_S: @opera really excited to see more native experience on #windowsphone #lumia at #mwc15
@MustafaSRKfan Thanks for the feedback :) we'll make sure to work on it for stable version /Ruth
@pankaj_kr_cute No exact date yet but it's coming soon :) keep your eyes peeled! /Ruth
@Ghattas__ @Xd3ath92 @Soarnox @Xbox We care! (Writing this from icy Oslo...not Dubai unfortunately) /Ruth
@craniopath We're still adding more, especially the most demanded features. Will pass your comments on for feedback :) /Ruth
@sanjay123456 Oh no! Very strange...please give your details here: http://t.co/Nr9xLmMOqa we'll check it out for you /Ruth
@pyry o/ Woop! /Ruth
@trapprain This doesn't look to be a support issue with Mini. Have you tried on another browser? If it continues: https://t.co/Djp0Nrw4dA
@djthproductions Thanks for being part of the family :) happy browsing to you! /Ruth
What’s in store for #Opera at #MWC15? http://t.co/Ck2T5lyomy http://t.co/pGLHfjJfAh

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