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@opinnana Android or iOS? :) /YG
@Ian_Fry Yasss! Since then we have done some major upgrading. ;) Let us know how you like the new features. :) /YG
@jsellison23 Hi when you mean bad font do you mean the words are too small or too big? Or the style of the font? /YG
@timmywhitehead As of right now we do not have plans, but we do have the app available on iOS and Android. Free & unlimited as well. :) /YG
@OdeioAsUvaPassa Let us know how it works for you. :) /YG
@OdeioAsUvaPassa Check out this translation extension: https://t.co/py65SNuGEF /YG
@joe_freiburger Glad you are enjoying it! :) /YG
@Harshad__Rathod @AndroidAuth Thank you so much! :D <3 /YG
@TheMid70s Thanks for the report! Do you have adblock enabled? If so, please try turning it off /R
@EagleForce_NL But from your tweet it's on the request list! /R
@EagleForce_NL Well that's one perspective :P but we try to add most popular/useful features & this we haven't got much request for yet /R
@TPBTV Thanks for the report! What operating system are you on? /R
@TimLuig Hi, looks like we found this issue & being fixed now. If it's still not working later today please let me know :)
@MasterDalK Hey Salil, this is being looked in to. Can you please tell me the IP address that shows in the dropdown when connected? /R
@AlouOraelosi 2/2...best way to get these) but wanted you to know it's being looked in to /R
@AlouOraelosi 1/2 Hey Alou, I'm passing this all on now direct to teams. May come back with extra Qs if that's ok (bug report normally... /R
@edo386 https://t.co/KYm3tWjUk1
@ryanhunt Don't listen to @mrdanjlee bae https://t.co/enawSM4HDB
@NaijaBird Hey Ayobami, having some trouble reproducing here. Please can you submit your info at https://t.co/LkVzxmT3gr /R
@ivik Hi Vik, please can you go to Share Feedback in the menu and select the email option? We can collect more details there :) /R

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