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News this week: #Casio smartwatch, Meet the #Opera family of apps: http://t.co/8EgbMH7aj8 http://t.co/eqhddYsHVk
Is your #Smartphone drowning in water? Save it before it’s too late! http://t.co/pdX6LH6Vk2 http://t.co/8wjdoZDzxu
Our team in #Warsaw is hard at work making final tweaks to #Opera for #Windows10. Take a look: http://t.co/uZGFULbJUr http://t.co/5DasB0aIt4
Tired of waiting on a slow connection? Check out how to #speed up browsing for #computers http://t.co/CXOjTDDBUj http://t.co/6sOWeZZZss
@Yo_Mo_Fo He works very THORoughly for sure /Ruth
@raziqbaby Have you tried to save your downloads to a different folder than your SD card? /Kendra
@isurut4 I made him swear to use his powers with respect and honour /Ruth
@nurud02 Thanks for being part of the Opera family :D Happy browsing to you /Ruth
@schordiya120 Thanks for your support! :) /Ruth
@bisprad I am guessing you were not... huh very strange! Hope our browser is serving you well! /Ruth
@CFSummers Designed to use very little data, we only use any data tracking anonymously to see what content people want so we can improve :)
@EmCeeEffCeeOkay Give me your feedback, I'll look in to any issues you have experienced :) /Ruth
@GaneshBadiyadka The big letter 'O' :D Your portal to the web! /Ruth
@dubengeldu P.S We don't officially support a browser for BB although some can download it ;) sorry it's not been best for you /R
@dubengeldu Cheers for the headsup! Have you reported it here? https://t.co/bACu9ARpeA we can check it out :) thanks /Ruth
@ronin_vj Hi @ronin_vj! You are the winner of our tabs contest :) pls email social-networks@opera.com to claim your prize! /Angela
@BorisNevermore Good job! Is YouTube working now? It should be! /Angela
@uniquedost Excellent :D Thanks for being part of the Opera family /Ruth
@wokim27 Woop! Thanks for supporting @coastbrowser :D Happy browsing to you /Ruth
Where are my #tabs? Introducing a new way to cycle tabs in #Opera for computers: http://t.co/OJ2xqcKKPa http://t.co/PNGAmJnxhC

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