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Hey, we made @opera_coast. Help us win a Webby: http://t.co/jRBMAcxOPZ http://t.co/UDOZUNqTHv
Swipe your way through the latest news. It's that easy with the new Opera for Android: http://t.co/iMElTBGjOJ http://t.co/4TgZzmMJFc
We can notify you when Opera Max beta rolls out in your area. Sign up here: http://t.co/S6mhrwZD4F
@ArpitNext We'll announce it when it's available in India. You can also sign up here to get a notification: http://t.co/uaHSNxeKEE
@raj_satyam You can sign up here so you get notified as soon as it becomes available in your area: http://t.co/ZRhDYbOd2Y
We’re launching Opera Max beta in more regions today, including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. http://t.co/Fcc1X3Tepc
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RT @operatv: The Number Of Internet-Connected TVs In Use Worldwide Will Double By 2018: http://t.co/pJ9CRzqmNk #connectedtv http://t.co/uJ…
RT @m61k: OPR on Nokia X BY DEFAULT! Fantastic! ;) @nokia @opera
RT @opera_coast: "Everything you do in Coast is visual & touch-focused." @HKleinhout in Computer Talk You Can Use. Full podcast here: http:…
#UltimateEggDropChallenge for #Easter! Drop an egg & make sure it doesn't crack. Three of our developers managed to. http://t.co/mE6vT41cQz
Major security issue on the web! Here's what you need to know about #heartbleed http://t.co/stgy3JigFx
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RT @zahek: Actually new #Stash feature is really good option for look-and-save web pages. After few days, you can check and remove them. @O…
We just cast our vote! @opera_coast is nominated for Best User Experience in @TheWebbyAwards 2014. Vote with us here: http://t.co/W2UrDm2Ken
RT @opera_coast: Thrilled! Coast is nominated for Best User Experience category in the 2014 @TheWebbyAwards. Cast your vote here: http://t.…

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