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Research from @Cigniti shows that #OperaMini consumes 14% less battery. #SaveAway! http://t.co/MTh9WnJnOo http://t.co/xmF9P8MYim
@mpopp75 Thank you. I understand it can be frustrating. We will look into it right away. /Angela
RT @SurfEasyInc: SurfEasy servers have now been launched in Norway! Found out more here: http://t.co/0WIHR4NSdm #VPN #privacy http://t.co/S…
@LumiaHelp Got you :) @MoeezLak can we have the link of the video? If you prefer, email us social-networks@Opera.com /Angela
@b6nb3a Ah ok. Got it. We will look into it. Is it just Chrome or did you try imports from other browsers too? /Angela
@muresimon Hi! The best way would be to go to http://t.co/q6fSZY5s9X from your phone and we will give you the most suitable version :) /A
@12pt9 No problem. Have a good weekend! /Angela
@mmayboy_ Sorry for the delay. Can you please email the info to social-networks@opera.com so we can troubleshoot, thanks! /Ruth
@sarahpressler It's supported, just need the plugin http://t.co/Ke8wMi8Nfw Hoper that helps :) /Ruth
@DonnieMFAwesome You should only get a notification if ur in a location that requires admin rights which you're not on, let me know /R
@12pt9 It's being worked on now :) Appreciate your support and patience in the meantime /Ruth
@trapprain News sites are a partic. issue with Mini's compression tech. Upcoming Mini update with solve this /Ruth
@Zohso Full data sync is coming in future updates, sorry for inconvenience until then! /Ruth
@AgokounSeraphin Hi there! Let me know if I can help with anything :) /Ruth
@mpopp75 Possible that it's already installed but a restart of the browser is needed. Let me know if you've one this already /R
@hiceshice Hey have you checked out the developer version? We have added sidebar extensions. Updating with what ur users use to love/Angela
@RealTN30 Sorry to hear :( remember to log onto ur Opera account to store ur bookmarks http://t.co/suP26ZdDTV /Angela
@b6nb3a Pls use this wizard - https://t.co/bACu9ARpeA :) Do u mind describing the bug? /Angela
@LumiaHelp Heya. Seems like @MoeezLak has tweets protected so we couldnt read ur convo. Pls let us know what you need help with :) /Angela
@RealTN30 Try this link: http://t.co/ZTiSHb9wJD :)

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