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@dpt317 Nooo! We will fix it. Does any other browser work okay for you? What phone are you using? /Angela
@dpt317 Hi! Can you go to settings and lower the image quality to "low" or turn off image loading. That should fix it. Lemme know:) /Angela
@Richmyman Please fill out a report :) https://t.co/Djp0Nrw4dA Thanks! /Angela
@Mayorkull Hi! Can you try this link: http://t.co/zzgc5a7hv9? Does the installation start at all? /Angela
@dpt317 I will let the team know. Thank you! /Angela
@617xxRTS Many thanks for the heads up. We are aware of the copy/paste issue. Stay tuned for the stable version:)/Angela
@rosscjr Glad to hear! :) #Happybrowsing /Angela
@mithaldu You can sync without Opera Link now! Here's how - http://t.co/OqSaE8iF5M /Angela
@DavidYadin In the meanwhile, this little extension can group tabs in the short run - http://t.co/hOzxenETXC /Angela
@DavidYadin Working on bringing older features slowly. it's sidebar first. Check developers' blog:) http://t.co/556sebfISX / Angela
@rngala Hm never heard of such an instance before. Can I have a bug report from you? https://t.co/bACu9ARpeA /Angela
@rickkashyap It's still a beta version and we're working on it! Any suggestions? Tell us by emailing social-networks@opera.com /Angela
@mumairmasood We've replaced Opera Link with a new, simple sync function. It will be released on #windowsphone in the near future:)
@rngala Need to know which app you use and what language :)we fixed some bugs related to font on OperaMini for Android beta last week/Angela
Save data with Opera Mini! RT @chaves8111: @opera The new opera for Windows phone is fantastic. #windowsphone http://t.co/P4nfKca330
@dpt317 Hi there! Thanks for telling us. Is this a particular link? /Angela
@adnanuludag Want to share a link via #email on #Opera? This extension does the job - http://t.co/LsiLiUMJwY :) /Angela
@oktasama Hiya! What's the error message? If it persists, send us a bug report from Settings/Help pls /Angela
@tiyanurmala a special design for #OperaMini :) We push changes slowly so we can get feedbacks and improve. Do you like it? /Angela
@_widdershins Of course ;) happy browsing! /Angela

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