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@soKYLEmemaybe Great pic! Thanks for sharing :) did you submit it to the site here? http://t.co/B4pN2NDSHi be sure to! /Ruth
@maarotaang No one likes pesky messages! Who is your service provider? I'll look in to this for you, thanks /Ruth
@WBGS_LiveCastin Thanks for your support! Opera Browser still alive and happy to bring love to your Linux :P /Ruth
@elmyra Np! Happy browsing :) /Angela
@JanitLodha Got a selfie? Coolios. Submit to the newest giveaway contest here - http://t.co/B4pN2NDSHi /Angela
Browse smart. RT @bmanfranssen:47 tabs opened in @opera (using 2% ram), 1 tab opened in @googlechrome (using 9% ram).Somebody is very hungry
RT @rosscjr: hi @opera the #operamini update is awesome on Windows phone.its running perfect on my @Lumia 521.thank you thank you!
@NtomoDe Let us know what you miss? We will make it better. If you prefer the previous #OperaMini, you can still use it :) /Angela
@attritionorg I'm here to help:) do you use #Opera on a computer? Tr History/Reopen last closed windows. Will restore ur last session/Angela
@cocus Thanks for the report. If the problem still persists, let us know which network you are on so we can look into it :) /Angela
@Level5Operative #Opera for Android is designed for Android 4 and up. More feature rich and you can turn compression on/off :) /Angela
@Level5Operative #Mini works well in unstable networks with compression by default. Can be installed on any phone with #Android 2.3 and up.
@elmyra If you have the latest version, once the new #OperaMini is downloaded, your data will be transferred over :) /Angela
@elmyra So that users whose phones are incompatible can still enjoy #OperaMini :) /Angela
@jmakayoto After you have updated to the new #OperaMini, back up by creating an Opera account :) http://t.co/NGPHlnRa4l /Angela
@jmakayoto Hiya! Do u use #Android? Make sure you have V 7.6.40234 (tap help/about Opera) and everything should be taken over. /Angela
@mnu2345 Thanks for letting us know! We will start fixing it as soon as possible. /Angela
@ApophisAmon That's a great try :D Make sure to submit your selfie here too so that ur entry is entered - http://t.co/B4pN2NmhiI /Angela
Where are you using #OperaMini!The most fun selfie wins a #SamsungGalaxy S6! JOIN NOW! http://t.co/B4pN2NDSHi http://t.co/5G4pkVSlUh
Not sure how to save pages for offline viewing in the new #OperaMini for #Android? Here's a quick guide :) http://t.co/RxVLDYTSR5

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