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@hofarem_si :-)
@sidtanwani That's great to hear! /Espen :-)
@hofarem_si Hi! Thanks for letting us know. The bug is fixed and you can now continue "youtubing" :-) Have a great week-end! /Espen
@sidtanwani Hi Siddharth, thanks for telling us. We've looked into it and it should run smoothly now. Have a great day! @OperaIndia
Don’t let buffering interrupt your videos, try Opera Mini for iOS. http://t.co/xnpy5RuOVK http://t.co/Ptj83k35OL
RT @sergeylossev: @corbindavenport @opera this morning, a new version of Opera Max was released. It is now compatible with Android L 5.0 . …
Good news Android users, Opera Max now supports Android Lollipop!
@TheWoodpecker1 totally agree, it looks awesome! /Espen @ManeeshJuneja
RT @ManeeshJuneja: Surfing the web on my wrist with @SamsungTMRW Gear S & @opera browser - easier than expected http://t.co/9mwv2Chqp5
Top 5 most common data horror stories, have you experienced any of these? http://t.co/X15svQURTS http://t.co/SVE4lvR3aq
Exciting news! Nokia Store to become Opera Mobile Store in 2015. Read more: http://t.co/V5RYRo73Sn http://t.co/oThaJj60J9
Nokia Store to become Opera Mobile Store http://t.co/oOIYeKGlzo http://t.co/4ipHpOCHE5
@KulpG You can get Opera Mini for BB OS 10 here: http://t.co/Eeedvipi6x. Choose "Opera Mini 7.6.1 (Android)" /Vera
Some alpinists took #OperaMax with them to Lenin Peak. Read more here: http://t.co/bGxut0n1OL
Flash mob + Opera CEO go Bollywood in India, celebrating Opera Mini: http://t.co/eirnMxZOg5
5 simple tricks to reduce #buffering http://t.co/3ptcPO2egH http://t.co/IxLif8ehIA
@ArieSnsc Are you connected to WiFi or are you using mobile data? If you're on WiFi, it's best if you turn off data savings from the menu.
What is mobile data, anyway? http://t.co/4orsa9L5ir http://t.co/KE31lKW6Re
@AbheiJeet Happy 9 years with us!
Over 50 million in India go online on their phones with #OperaMini. Our CEO joins a flashmob to celebrate this! http://t.co/jGkNBoMpTg

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