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.@EspenThoresen blogs about how he organizes the web: http://t.co/3ddKn0Qqrn http://t.co/KV8le23N2Q
Want to hear a horror story? Your data limit. #DataHorrorStories #OperaMax http://t.co/NR9zhDs0dQ. @Sham_Mann http://t.co/7hELggro1S
Check out how the new Opera bookmarks work. http://t.co/vHmwVgIYm5
@kevinSuttle Heh :) Newest Opera developer has importer: http://t.co/6XvPHEtAVn For export: https://t.co/MrSy2jtjwt @sarahwhatsup
RT @andreasbovens: We've reorganized the Opera extensions catalog's categories a bit. There's now e.g. a Privacy & Security category https:…
@HillaryRugut Opera Mini beta is available for Windows Phone. You can read more about it here: http://t.co/ak21YgALt3 :)
@valdonclint Can you tell us what type of BB phone you're using? Thanks.
@valdonclint Yes, that's correct. It's 7.6.1 now. Thanks for the report! We're looking into it now.
@valdonclint Help's on the way! :) Download Opera Mini for BB OS 10 here: http://t.co/tx5TwjSMhy Choose "Opera Mini 7.5.5 (Android)"
We're sharing the story behind visual bookmarks in the first ever #WroCrunch: http://t.co/t6UuZsT0dl
"Uh oh..." the most common saying when the phone bill arrives. Share your #datahorrorstories read more about it here: http://t.co/iOKkVi7LQJ
RT @andreasbovens: The shortkeys extension by @mcrittenden is now available for Opera: https://t.co/c3Y46DHTJ4 Customizable browser shortcu…
RT @edent: I use Opera as my main Android browser. Fast, stable, & free. MT @opera: New version of Opera for Android is out http://t.co/Iq…
New version of Opera for Android is out and it has #bookmarks. Read more about it here: http://t.co/ymXrBsMdqt
@J_SAINTESPES we're taking our first baby steps :-) http://t.co/mu4IUOMZLR /Espen
@esQmo_ do you have Opera Turbo turned on? If not send us a DM and we'll forward it to our developers
@neneodonkor here's a peek of the new bookmark manager in the browser http://t.co/6hnaH9nNVm
Thx, glad you like it :-) RT @prashsaralaya: @opera like the new visual bookmarks feature ! U r innovative as always .thumbs up !
@felipe_cox thanks a lot for the kind words! It means a lot to us :-)
<3 RT @Avantasia: I totally ❤️ @opera’s new visual bookmarks

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