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Pump the brakes and browse faster on older computers! Helpful settings for Opera on computers: http://t.co/NlZcoECGyJ http://t.co/XaxcPoYvRm
@firipu Unfortunately there's no way at this time, sorry!! And anytime, always here to help! /Kendra
@RomMarquez Maybe one day in the future? Nothing to announce now /Kendra
@MarsCaturix Thanks for letting us know! I would submit a bug report for this in the help of your settings so we can get more info /Kendra
@tostakyyyy Oh no! :( We'd love to know what you think could be improved /Kendra
@firipu Currently that's the place itll be synced. We have lots of mobile users and sync like this to make it easier for them to view/Kendra
@DJHowardHope Is this happening to you on Opera Mini? /Kendra
@matteocontrini Yes I have let our dev teams know about this. Thanks for your feedback, we're always working to improve our browser! /Kendra
@Kingarma This is because your Windows Phone needs to be running at least 8.1 software /Kendra
@MarcoSbaffoni Thanks for your feedback! I've let our teams here know - we're always working to improve our browsers! /Kendra
@JustSomeLeaf Try Opera for Windows 10! And then keep us updated with your experience :) /Kendra
@fuolpit Thanks for your feedback! I will let our teams here know! We are always working to improve our browsers :) /Kendra
@mihir_nadkarni Nope! Still there - it's the button by the minimize button (has two lines and an arrow) :) /Kendra
@famous_prince Okay, and are you having trouble connecting to WiFi, cellular data, or both on Opera Mini? /Kendra
@battiertrack080 Thanks for your support! Happy browsing to you on your brand new Windows 10! /Kendra
@MrLatouya Sorry about that! Unfortunately on this version we do not support the downloads of large files /Kendra
@hugedreamss Not currently, maybe in the future? /Kendra
@Emranhasib614 Thanks, we'll have a look at it for you! /Kendra
@crazycrystine Strange! Are other browsers recognizing your Flash player update? /Kendra
@hopwoodwalker Which of our browsers are you using? /Kendra

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