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Opera - bringing the internet to as many people as possible regardless of their device preference or location http://t.co/LHiGXzAv9c
Opera's @brucel talks about how we help in getting people connected online. https://t.co/COWDbT4MsJ
On an iPhone or iPad? @opera_coast has just moved to version 3.11. Check out the improvements we rolled out today: http://t.co/dZUUC4IfyO
Things just got a lot better! Check out the new design in Opera forums! http://t.co/rxo03dydDQ http://t.co/OUf4t5WTCB
Traveling? 10 free apps you should get to make the most of your trip: http://t.co/bVKLelCye5
Some who travel to the Florida Keys end up living there for good. @hobonora tells their stories: http://t.co/pkvaEbSOJJ #OperaMini #letsgo
Avatars, vote up function and more in Opera forums: http://t.co/InFz7EvXa0
@ArpitNext Enjoy :)
RT @jsistorg: Mathias Bynens ( @mathias ) from @opera will speak at #jsist on September 27+28 http://t.co/CUeTFhvatP http://t.co/MVbeBn4SWY
@ideletemyself Thanks! CC @andreasbovens
@ArpitNext You can get the test release build here: http://t.co/9fUbP6n3H8. Please note that this test release has not been updated yet :)
@upsfeup Have you recently updated your Android OS? Please uninstall Opera Max and then install it again.
@upsfeup Can you tell us what device you're using. It would be super if you can tell us more about it by emailing max-feedback@opera.com :)
Opera Max, our data-savings app for Android, gets an update today. Read about its new features here: http://t.co/y8tFILPxwR
@JamesGrebb We freaking love you back.
Going around #Oslo talking about data compression. They loved how #OperaMini can save them cash! http://t.co/C3kQuqHFnl
There's something new in the heart icon of Opera for desktop. Check out the new Opera for Windows and Mac: http://t.co/Wdl3DoTM3G
RT @manzifabrice: My favorite feature that make #operamini the best mobile browser! @opera http://t.co/b6dR5oqDxA
Some of us are out and about in #Oslo this week. We're looking forward to see you! #OperaMini http://t.co/ynLpHQOvMN
@simsidii You're welcome! #feelingthelove

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