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#OperaVPN for iOS gets updated to version 1.1 for faster region-switching: https://t.co/z1RZgbBEwZ https://t.co/tp4jdLAoM5
@_richards0n HI, I know it's been some time already but we are still looking into this. /Rosi
@GG_s0nic Could you please share your bug ID with us? /Rosi
@Mr_Stridee Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it! /Rosi
@WebertSteve Hi, thanks for the feedback. Could you please report this problem in your settings? /Rosi
It is with deep sadness we share that Per Hedbor, close colleague, friend & true internet pioneer has passed away. https://t.co/FYb4II1EFv
@TheMid70s why thank you! We are always doing our best to improve! :) /Yvonne
@NukedCocaCola Hi. Is it not allowing you to enable the VPN? Please email us at social-networks@opera.com to help resolve this. /Yvonne
@llilhoneybunch Keep in eye out for this week for the winner to be announced. :) /Yvonne
@rakeshkamat Thank you Rakeshkamat! :) /Yvonne
Cheers @Firefox 🍻 here's to the next #10kdays. For more leaps, means and Web ways! https://t.co/KUg1fDQNA2
@lkx4554 Hi, yes it still not in our focus, sorry. /Rosi
@HartantoAgungW Hi, could you please tell me where you are located? This might be the reason why you are unable to download /Rosi
@Oyayoh Hi, just checked in with the sync team. This is how our sync works and logging out doesn't remove them /Rosi
10K days of internet! Tell us how the web turned your world up side down. :) https://t.co/PtqENmNAcN
@PavitraGolchha Hi, unfortunately we do not have the name for the song :D But we are glad you like it :D /Rosi
@ritik3012 Hi, first of all thank you. Sadly, I have to say that wp is currently not our main focus. /Rosi
@operateurdefron Hi, do you mean the difference between the different webbrowsers? :) /Rosi
@cmoud94 Hi:) I will makes sure to pass this on as feature requests :) /Rosi
@Mianwaseem8 Hey:) Happy to see you are interested :) Please have a look at this link for open positions :) https://t.co/YezaJNoeI4 /Rosi

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