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Happy #LunarNewYear! 😊😄 https://t.co/XRGkSUqWqi
Getting ready for the year of the monkey! Happy #LunarNewYear :) https://t.co/IU1ck5sSsA
Quickly mute websites without closing your tabs. #OperaForComputers https://t.co/edq6CNrKnN https://t.co/uI1WxvtQQB
@HassanRworld Hey! Welcome to Opera :) Here's 3 little tricks that make Opera really sweet on Android: https://t.co/COr3bxykzG /Angela
@Stifcho thanks for spreading the word! @Roger_Bowles Give Opera a try! https://t.co/37eXevEzxq :) /Angela
RT @Stifcho: @Roger_Bowles @MicrosoftEdge I do all my work on @opera . Loyal user since single digit versions.
@makananenak Awesome :) Good luck! Check back if you need more help. /Angela
@EShirou we are a bit weird. So it's actually --alt-high-dpi-setting=96 :) /Angela
Almost there! #HaveAGoodWeekend :) https://t.co/8EA8hpY8Fs
@EShirou Modifying a shortcut will do, no need to run it from command line of course :) /Angela
@EShirou Yup :) Run Opera with custom DPI use: opera.exe --alt-high-dpi-setting=120 for 125% dpi :) /Angela
@makananenak So you will need to contact your bank to upgrade their security certificate on their website /Angela
@makananenak Hi! Just talked with the team. Looks like the bank's security setting is below that we require. /Angela
@fan_naf1 Hi! Yes we have decreased it to 100 entries to ensure faster start time :) /Angela
@Murdurn Definitely :) Use this url: browser://settings/searchEngines, then add it and make it default :) /Angela
@makananenak Forwarded to our developers :) just want to confirm this is for #Opera on computers? /Angela
@Silvawings Hey @Amazon please look into supporting us : ) Contact at social-networks@Opera.com if you need more technical info /Angela
@jopetjuliano AWESOME! https://t.co/qNh17DOEq6
@LoonyLizard Could you share a screenshot? That'd help us a lot and the team can look into it :) /Angela
@rosscjr We did not introduce any changes to the compression system so theoretically there should not be any different /Angela

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