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@DramaticalHeart Good for faster computers and connections too, promise ;) @Buddenly
@mechadoka ♥♥♥ @_Asuri
Share your holiday wish list made with our desktop browser & you could win a MacBook Air & Yoga 3 Pro! http://t.co/mpVdXj9N2b #mywaytosanta
Look! Opera Mini on a wrist. Would you browse like this? #operamini http://t.co/0Y9yWQCtgn
Checking the same websites over and over again? If you want something new, we have the app for you. http://t.co/tnZteXugBb
@Haduken2g What iOS device are you using?
@Haduken2g Thanks for the report. Can you please tell us more? What were you doing -- e.g. search or arranging icons -- when it lagged?
Break out of your browsing habits with the new Opera Coast: http://t.co/YzR473uq6J http://t.co/duiIR29Upg
Sharing with Opera Mini on iOS just got a lot better. See what’s new! http://t.co/XVn805mYSl #operamini http://t.co/AJ3fgb88WP
@SimonBoba Du kan slå på synk i opera:flags. Vil tilrå å bruka Opera beta eller developer. Fungerer litt betre der.
Let's bookmark the internet together! This week, we're bookmarking websites about gadgets. What's your favorite? http://t.co/4BjDW7RFGA
WATCH: Opera's @brucel and his talk about the sausage factory. http://t.co/pRS0KMYTLs
Here's how to import your bookmarks from another browser to Opera for computers. http://t.co/KIUxOvYG7Q http://t.co/qmUD0EjIMb
Relaxing this weekend? Here are 3 video sites you may want to check out: http://t.co/Mj0wnRv93e
@jagdish Thanks for adding a screenshot to your report.
Help us test #OperaMini for Android beta. Download it here: http://t.co/5LY8IeiFO7
@MTHaahr Great to hear you like our latest browser. Really appreciate your feedback. Have a great week-end! /Espen
Introducing bookmarks sharing in the new Opera for computers. See how it works! http://t.co/LUKkw0kXuO
@BQ_Khan We'll check what's happening here. Thanks for the report. :)
Share your #bookmarks with anyone on Opera for computers: http://t.co/bcfMbMd49y http://t.co/l2ushy2zSq

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