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@sajjad2011pdb Hey - can't be true :) try http://t.co/5MYS223RfT if doesn't work lemme know which phone you use and we'll figure out./Angela
The droids at the office are excited. http://t.co/rZN3QxFSk4 http://t.co/bd7GdVBVcD
@Audax819 Read more about Opera with Pepper Flash here - http://t.co/dkZ5z5t0GM /Angela
@Audax819 Hey. JW uses Pepper Flash. Go to http://t.co/6iC1GBxzoe with Opera and update and u should be ok :) /Angela
@pietercleppe Hey :) Tryin' to find a solution for you. Do you use Opera for desktop? Can you explain a little more? /Angela
@aSouthIndian And we have it! Download it here http://t.co/Oy2BVgAVSS /Angela
@rona65 We second that! :) /Angela
@SparK_BR No worries. Almost weekend :) /Angela
@robf you're the best! /Ruth
@SparK_BR hey :) we've been experimenting with our speed dial looks, went with the most popular but always taking feedback so thanks! /Ruth
RT @stowball: I'm liking @opera Max a lot. It's saving me precious data o/
@stowball Woop! high-five for data savings :D /Ruth
@_tector hey! we've been experimenting with our speed dial looks so appreciate your feedback :) thanks /Ruth
@gleisonbor sorry to hear that, if you report the details here: http://t.co/bWVxfI1RFp we can check it out for you :) thanks /Ruth
@Roadie93 hey :) we're experimenting with speeddial looks and always going for the most popular so your feeedback helps! thanks /Ruth
@FreddieDoor Thanks for being part of the family :) /Ruth
@robf oh no! very strange, if you could report it here: http://t.co/mgeIIKiewv we can check that out for you :) thanks /Ruth
@HillaryRugut hmm no mini beta is still there, is it not appearing when you search in the store? thanks /Ruth
@ujvaljoshi http://t.co/dop6CVorqM Check out our blog post /Angela
@ujvaljoshi Hi. Yes, on the developer version for dekstop & beta for opera on android. It's a function in the making :) /Angela

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