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@JamesGrebb We freaking love you back.
Going around #Oslo talking about data compression. They loved how #OperaMini can save them cash! http://t.co/C3kQuqHFnl
There's something new in the heart icon of Opera for desktop. Check out the new Opera for Windows and Mac: http://t.co/Wdl3DoTM3G
RT @manzifabrice: My favorite feature that make #operamini the best mobile browser! @opera http://t.co/b6dR5oqDxA
Some of us are out and about in #Oslo this week. We're looking forward to see you! #OperaMini http://t.co/ynLpHQOvMN
@simsidii You're welcome! #feelingthelove
@simsidii Thanks for the ping! This tweet is not missing the "p" :)
There's a built-in QR-code reader in Opera Mini for iPhones and iPads. Have you tried it yet? http://t.co/eG051YruJD
Claire brings out the child in her again. Here are some photos from her Japan trip: http://t.co/FZdQ1p87Pa #OperaMini #letsgo
Live music using metal pans and small cups: http://t.co/F2ClyhDi8k This is Gary's story from his Western Sahara trip. #OperaMini #letsgo
@zoomtoons Wow, man. Those were a lot of tweets! However, we strongly suspect you wanted to talk to @Oprah and not us :)
@amitysstyles Don't cry. We're here for you...Opera Mini speeds up your internet connection=) http://t.co/UoBRtFqw8s
Leave your worries on huge data savings when traveling abroad. Here are 6 tips from Espen. http://t.co/s1vjoUszgd http://t.co/r3LMF2cFXW
@WerdKcub Your followers wouldn't want to miss on those mountain-trip live tweets. We can help: http://t.co/AejpncOd6u :)
@Plan_travelling We think you'd be interested in this: http://t.co/AejpncOd6u :)
@Clareyh If he does turn on data roaming though, we can help a bit: http://t.co/AejpncOd6u :)
@Alex__Garcia__ If "roaming" was a person,he just got a good beating from you :D Please be friends again. Here's how: http://t.co/AejpncOd6u
@squishynialI We're curious who Zayn is... But, we know how you can help cut down that roaming bill: http://t.co/AejpncOd6u :)
@milorad_rasovic What blocking are you talking about here? :)
Around the world in 130 days. Yun Qing did it solo. Here's Day 57 of her trip: http://t.co/YBvXm7E2YS #OperaMini #letsgo

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