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Commit To Your Core: 9 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource http://bit.ly/iiD8bH
"How To Price Software Without Just Rolling The Dice" http://hub.tm/BhmNN
I've moved over to a different account. You should follow me at http://twitter.com/dharmesh (same great startup stuff).
Www.hubspot.tv talks about creating more content than your competitors.
"Start-Ups Top Off Tank Instead Of Refuel" http://hub.tm/?OEYGD -- how's your startup doing in terms of fuel in the tank?
@bizjournal - "Survey: 69% of U.S. small businesses profitable last year" http://hub.tm/?PGTRP
@rww - "New Google Code Labs Clarifies Commitments to Developers - ReadWriteWeb" http://hub.tm/?VGYMX
From @brianshin "Defining The 5 Classes of Entrepreneurs - Hungry Yet Humble" http://hub.tm/?AMBLW
"Keys to Entrepreneurial Success: Building the Onion - Hungry Yet Humble" http://hub.tm/?QGSPS
Had a total blast at #hubspot1k
OK, trwitter transfusion complete. I'm now where I want to be (main account is @dharmesh) and @onstartups for startup related posts.
www.HubSpot.tv made the list: "100 Best Small Business Podcasts 2009" http://hub.tm/?CKIWG . Thanks, @smallbiztrends
@asmith : No conference plans in the near term, but will be headed out to SF in the summer. Will definitely give you a heads-up.
Working on some Twitter Grader code. In the middle of a big update (I hate those). Should have broken it into smaller pieces.
@adityakothadiya : No good reason. I need to go figure that out and fix it.
Check out the Top Twitter Cities list from @grader. Did yours make it? http://twitter.grader.com/top/cities
@LisaBarone : Why, what happened? Seems like it really ticked you off.
@perrybelcher : Congrats for making it into the Twitter Elite. (By the way, "LinkedIn" in your twitter background seems to have a typo).
@macfowler : I can totally relate. I'm cranking away on some code.
@YoavShapira : Indeed, that fixed it. Thanks!

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