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Russell Stover Big Bite Pecan Pie - http://t.co/sVpAjOYIgW
James Middleton Will Put a Happy Face on Your S’mores - http://t.co/vh6QyVFlLQ - Online Candy and Sweets
Trolli Gummi Santa and Elves Mustaches - http://t.co/ygQWFCznEn
Candyology 101 - Podcast Episode 3 -  Chewing Gum - http://t.co/QUWMHl7RPx
Dubble Bubble Snow Balls - http://t.co/vFUsxKHWVR
Simply Gum: Fennel Licorice - http://t.co/4bfNtOMU9J
Bourbon Everyburger Black Cocoa & Vanilla Cookies - http://t.co/AddVJEhqqJ
Brach’s Candy Cane Candy Corn - http://t.co/LYzLOJzCpe
Crispy M&Ms (Returning 2015) - http://t.co/dXYY4a6Ifg
Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Spiced Almond - http://t.co/i1Ior04cYa
Good and DeLISH Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds - http://t.co/K9V8iExG45
Haribo Sour Bears - http://t.co/GbolPPDAcz
Ritter Sport Coffee and Hazelnuts (Winter Edition) - http://t.co/hmBZWuccBI
Candyology 101 - Episode 2 - Peanut Butter - http://t.co/ItketScG5T
See’s Bridge Mix - http://t.co/9sLIiELhO2
Brach’s Bridge Mix - http://t.co/wR2Lyaa89L
Brach’s Royals: Caramel Apple and Sea Salt Caramel - http://t.co/NEZitsDKw8
Halloween Candy Has Gotten Cheaper - http://t.co/qDzIjLsRhU - Online Candy and Sweets
New Scrutiny on Sweets With Ascent of Marijuana in Colorado - http://t.co/RNeAX1uRbc - Online Candy and Sweets
Dove Dark Chocolate Cranberries - http://t.co/4JJsgAEcha

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Tweeting about the goodness of candy and selling Gourmet European Candy online around the world.

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