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RT @jmspool: If you're really stressed, the right spinner might be this one. ​
RT @barcelo: PSA: This spoof Apple site illustrates the sophistication of today's phishing attacks via @benlovejoy
RT @withzombies: Unit tests pass, no integration tests
RT @Seinfeld2000: debate recap
RT @giorodriguez: Lost And Found In Old San Juan (A Technology Story -- Part I) via @forbes
#sxsw randomness we were in front of this Brazillian guy who ran to interview this ‘Guy with a camera’… @GuyKawasaki
RT @JoshuaBaer: All Entrepreneurs -> Coming to Austin for @SXSW? Who do you want to meet while you are here? Reply I’ll try and connect you…
LIVE on #Periscope: iHacks @ Engine4
LIVE on #Periscope: iHacks @ Engine 4
taking our apps and software to the next level :-)
@arivera @polsense at least the resulting code and application IS beautiful 😺
RT @iamdevloper: Recruiters: Now looking for engineers with 5 years of Swift experience!
RT @ilyasu: "The Swift Programming Language" - a book by Apple Inc.
@miguelrios Just order a Tesla online
Getting ready for presentations #HackPR
Otra vez a alguien se le olvido ajustar el ‘network time’ de AT&T…despertando a medio Puerto Rico temprano. 😳 #athmovil
Por poco le cuelgo a una reportera que esta escribiendo un articulo sobre nosotros pensando que era una telemarketer… #parranda5años #free
Awesome tour with Bayamon Engineering Students @swampworks_ksc @nasa Thanks to everyone there.

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